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  1. Fish A.I.? I call it unnecessary. Like I said before, people get obsessed with killstreaks (or record gameplay to upload on YouTube) and that's all. Call of Duty gets people vacuumed into a vague dream of getting a certain high killstreak, why you ask? To show off of course, there's no other reason, do you really think people purchase it for its astonishing story and graphics? Oh man, wake up. ''You cannot deny that work has been put into it to make it better'' -> Nah, it's like women wearing make-up, their facial appeal is the same, the differential result is how the make-up is applied, thus most apply it on a daily basis to look good. To finish off, the ''unique things'' added aren't worth the $60 you pay for the game. >Preaching... just pure prea ching. Actually, it's called expressing your own opinion. Preaching is what you (ERA5000) advocate against users in other topics, be careful there. First of all, preaching to the choir is probably what ERA5000 was going for. It means you're explaining your opinion in front of a group who already share that opinion. In other words, we already know the behemoth is better so no need to point it out. Second of all, different people like different games. I can't blame someone for liking Call of Duty, if their goal is to get high killstreaks and they accomplish that goal, don't go ruin their fun. People like different things, just because you like something different than they do doesn't mean it's better, it means you prefer it over what they like. If CoD players like competing with others and seeing their names on top, and you like enjoying a good story, doesn't mean your fun is better than their fun. Third of all, people have been throwing terms around like "higher quality graphics" and "higher quality games", although in this case what's being meant is "More realistic graphics" and "Games with a higher production value". Fourth of all, Fish A.I. was a joke, and yes, the studios that work on call of duty put work in improving the realism of their graphics and yes they work on adding more weapons and maps. Denying that they've worked on these things is simply rude. Now go chill, have fun. That's why were here, to share our fun. Not to bash others. okay? cool. They're both games. It's like saying I can't compare the pizza place down the street that sells awesome pizza to Dominos that sells children's nightmares. So it's fair to compare a team with 100+ to a 20 man team? Yes, it is. Comparing different genres of games is like comparing apples with pears, comparing studios is like comparing a big melon with a small melon. The one melon might be bigger, but the small melon might be tastier. You can compare studios, comparing their results is a whole different thing. I don't advocate anything. I just share my opinion with the rest of the community and you can feel free to disagree with me. One definition of preaching is to 'deliver a sermon.' One definition of a sermon is 'a long, tedious speech.' That fact that BiPolarBear had to explain that would probably be very tedious. One does not even need a reading level to see that it is long. As long as I don't violate laws in my country, disclose personal information, or offend anyone, I don't have to 'be careful' about what I post. If I follow those guidelines, which I have been, there is no reason to be careful. By the way, when I say 'preach,' I do not literally mean to stand in front of a choir and sing, I just use it as a term for something that I agree with...
  2. Is there really a bomb head? Yes it is there was a vid on youtube showing somwing some unrelesed star heads but got taken down for copy right. I can second that. There is in fact, a bomb prisoner...
  3. #Patience It is 3:44 where I live and still waiting...
  4. ERA5000


    Just leaving the booth before a trade is complete is not a scam. At best, it is the exact opposite. That's a troll.
  5. How Mr.Hatty thinks the games relate to each other... How the Behemoth thinks they all relate to each other... All three games were created by the Behemoth. LOL
  6. Hey, can you NOT get off topic? Thanks
  7. WHAT? You did not say what I just read. Are you naming Call of Duty, a game with the same recycled formula filling your shelf for years a HIGH QUALITY game? Alright, time for some dictionary revision: Quality: a distinguishing attribute, an acquired skill, an inherent feature, superiority in kind... Do you really think Call of Duty has any of the above? Battleblock Theater might not have the same 3D graphics, but at least looks fresh and beautifully designed. The Behemoth improves its content in every single title, can't say the same for Infinity Ward and Treyarch. Call of Duty will never end, do you know why? Because it renders over 50 million dollars every year, not because it's exceptional. Castle Crashers in the other hand doesn't have any sequels yet, but most of us who played it keep going back for the entertainment it provides, not for a MOAB or an AC-130. It's not a matter of time, it's the amount of people working to release the title. Dan could have an empire of people working with him, I bet his games would still be awesome! Preaching... just pure preaching.
  8. I am extremely disappointed that they have yet to release a new prisoner... #patience
  9. I do not care that there are Star prisoners, I am just saying that people should not obsess about them so much. Star prisoners are just another part of the game that makes BattleBlock Theatre that much more interesting.
  10. Thank God someone else gets it. I started a topic very similar to this yesterday.
  11. This is how I see these prisoners and please feel free to disagree with me. Every game has a selling feature. Essentially, this is what makes the game unique and makes people want to buy it. Star Prisoners are just one of many aspects of this game that makes BattleBlock Theatre unique. Players have obsessing with them to the point where finding a good game is even rarer than any Star prisoner. Star prisoners were most likely added to the game to make the game more interesting, give the game a selling feature, and to 'push' the players to go once a week. The game is interesting enough, the game has more than enough other selling features to survive, and if you buy a game and only play it once a week, you are not getting your money's worth and it is quite pathetic. However, they are fun to collect. Do not think of the Star prisoners as the reason for playing, rather just one of MANY reasons to turn on your Xbox 360, scroll over to the arcade section, and click the 'A' button whilst hovering over BattleBlock Theatre. Each picture of a Star prisoner displays the following text, "For a limited time only." This means that at some point, after a re-release, ALL Star prisoners will become unavailable through the features. Most likely, you will end up paying Microsoft points to purchase a certain quantity of prisoners at some point in the distant future, assuming you do not already have them all. Finally, this use of the term 'rare' has been flying around lately and it is being associated with Star prisoners incorrectly. Rarity has nothing do with opinion, date of release, quality, how it was released, or votes in a poll. This term simply refers to how the Star prisoners, in this case, are distributed throughout the players. Re-releases usually eliminate this rarity and there is no reason to complain about. Just because you received Winston when he initially was released, does not give you any right or reason to complain about his rarity being destroyed from the re-release. What if you never got Winston? You would not be complaining and, in fact, be happy that you now have him. It is a biased argument. For some of you, this was common sense. This is for the players that just did not get it. Thanks for reading.
  12. Even though this is a great game and is literally the only reason why I still play on my Xbox 360, the following is a compilation of meticulous things that really piss me off/should be fixed. These are really simple, and I hope that they are changed because of their simplicity. 1. Display how many people are in a game. I hate when I am trying to join every game on a list of eight games and it says the game is full. Then, as if it crashes, it brings me back to the main menu... 2. Create game modes without the Gift Shop. I do not care if you want to buy heads and not trade, it is annoying to deal with. You can buy heads and weapons in singleplayer. 3. Create a Trade Hub. There should be a mode that can hold up to ten people and all people do is trade and buy. This would not be hosted by players, rather, a server from BBT. 4. Prisoner release schedule. I would assume that this is already figured out but I think that every week, at least two prisoners are to be released. One, or however many, just for signing on, and one for beating the levels of that feature. Co-op should NOT offer a different head because Winston was so rare due to a glitch that gave the head to only one of the two players. For example, I got Wintson, but my friend did not after completing the levels with me. A lot more people should have initially had him before the re-release. Then, once all the star heads are released, the special star heads (holidays and special occasions) will be released respectively. 5. Trade limit.
  13. As for ManBirth, probably Father's day next year. Wheels could also be next year for the Sturgis Rally, which is about motorcycles... Wheels could be re-released for another holiday to represent travel.
  14. You're good. There should be one next Friday, not this one. They said that Buckle Your Pants is a two week prisoner. If there is a new one, it won't have its own featured levels.