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  1. Hello mr or mrs frost I have 600-700 gems to trade you for either lava lamp head of doughnut head my gamer tag is Awsomedwarf. (I know it's spelt wrong.)

  2. If anyone wants to sell me yarn for cheap, or donate to me, add my gt, it's Brenenstahl
  3. Would anyone care in selling me 21 yarn for 5 or 10 gems? Need 3704 more yarn till my goal is accomplished. Any and all help would be appreciated thanks
  4. I always find donuts for 100 hahaha, and snails aren't rare at all
  5. What about lava lamp or even tiny monkey? I rarely see anyone with monkey
  6. I sell the special heads, then hand gems to lower people so they can get more regular heads, just to help boost people, and I have a couple sets of every head so it doesn't matter to me if I have them or not
  7. Can I join soul snatcher since I lost by 1 to Vic?
  8. Selling all 750 per message me gt
  9. Thought on it? I think it's a dumb move, because now there isn't a "rarest" head, and the people who bought the head are now out a couple thousand gems
  10. Message me your gt and ill add you when I get home
  11. Ill sell both when I get home later tonight