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  1. ill give you boom for free. add my gamertag Im Fossa and message me when youre online
  2. i can get you all these except the king and scuba steve. im still trying to get the king and scuba.
  3. Yeah i still give away free star heads. im currently trying to get the heads i missed while i was gone so i dont have them all just yet
  4. i can get you all these except king. since im playing catch up with the star heads, i havent acquired the king yet. i sent you a friend request, just message me when you get online
  5. Guys I'm back and the topic is still open so request away
  6. Guys im back! Sorry for disappearing all of a sudden. I took a sort of hiatus from playing xbox to focus on school work and real life stuff. Now im back and hopefully will be active on the forums once again. Since i took a break from xbox i missed out on a lot of the star heads. im currently collecting the ones im missing so ill be able to give them to you guys.
  7. ill give you troll, Boom!, Peeps, Jonny four, The nose knows, Mr. Peabody, and triple threat for free. My gamertag is Im Fossa, message me and ill give them too you when your on.
  8. I sent you a message just now, but I thought it`d be quicker to leave a comment, as I will not be online much longer for a school program. I`m looking for the tiny monkey skin and (if possible, as i only have 400+ gems) a snail skin. My gamertag is ratmore.

  9. ill get you monkey and cat for free
  10. i trade them to an offline account then trade gems to other people for the heads i need
  11. guys this topic is still open. sorry if you think im ignoring you but schools had me busy and little time to get on xbox
  12. guys im back. schools had me busy
  13. yeah post your gamertag and ill invite you