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  1. deal my gt is Sonic CS 0203 I want winston ill pay 1000 for winston gt PhaselockXII
  2. 1000 gems for winston or 500 for lava lamp GT PhaselockXII NO CHEAP TRICKS ... said like a boss...
  3. There is also a glitch on insane mode where if you go in a corner look at the block infront of you (in multiplayer) and exit level as your friend is pushing you your freind will explode giving you invincibility for 10 seconds i think! then after the ten seconds have passed you will have cleared the scene with a C rating.
  4. My username Is NeedWinston well because i DESIRE winston and my gamertag is PhaselockXII because i am obseesed with the borderlands franchise (but not as much as i am with BattleBlock Theater lol) 12 is my lucky number up there with 13 and roman numerals just look cool to me