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  1. Personally I'm still craving for more CC... not that what I already have isn't enough but I think I can't have enough CC.
  2. there are no slots, the game saves the profiles progress and the you can level each character individually, if you've reached the final level I think you'll be able to pick a lvl 1 character and go there, but you'll get your balloon handed to you.
  3. I'm sure they will we already got some characters
  4. YEAH the DOOM song ^^ Favorite quote ever: ZIM: Now self destruct GIR. GIR: FINALLYYYY! and I lovedded you piggy, I LOVEDDED YOOOOOU! and ZIM: Gir cleaning and repair detail NOW! GIR: I DON'T WANNA!!!!!.... ok XD everyone of them I must admit XD
  5. Background good. Character, lame. you say that because you've never seen the greatness that is GIR. go on youtube.
  6. Good thing school doesn't start for me yet ^^
  7. Stop farting and turning people into cheese please XD. he was arrested