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  1. Currently have every Star head in the game and about 19,000+ gems and a few thousand yarn. I AM GIVING AWAY GEMS AND YARN

  2. I currently have every head and star head on battle block theater.

  3. I can assure you the gems on my account are not modded I even told you that the gems were given to me by friends and a second account of mine. 100 because I will be able to give an even amount of yarn away And like I said to alianhomeaid456 all my gems were gifted to me by friends and moved from my second account to my current. I can show no proof that they are from trades as you can tell but I assure you it is all legit.
  4. I liked the ii at the end so I decided on Uwii
  5. I got winston so I don't need gems anymore I am giving away my gems to the community if you want any just add me (GT is in my signature) I will give a max amount of 500 gems per person and a max of 100 yarn per person **If you can (NOT REQUIRED)** after you receive your Gems/Yarn post legit along with the amount you received from me, if this goes well I'll do these more often (Weekly/Daily) *Fill this in with the gems/yarn you received from me if you are posting Legit* I received a total of Gems: 1-500 Yarn: 1-100 Thanks and enjoy! GT: Uwii
  6. Nope I wanted the GT Grii but it was taken so I did Uwii I own 0 nintendo consoles
  7. I currently have 49,900 gems exactly I'm offering 4.5k - 7.5k gems I have been scammed in multiple attempts to get winston so I signed up here to try and get one. I currently have every head in the game except winston so this is a serious offer. If you have it I would prefer you to add me on xbox asap but you can just message me on here for more info. **NOTE** I will offer more gems if you want more, gems are nothing to me I have all heads that you can buy unlocked GT: Uwii UPDATE It being national dog day winston is being given out so this is no longer an active offer PLEASE CLOSE THIS TOPIC!
  8. Current gems: 49,900

  9. I'll give 3.5k for it if you're willing to my GT is Uwii
  10. Quite a bit of math but very interesting way to prevent scams!