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  1. Currently have every Star head in the game and about 19,000+ gems and a few thousand yarn. I AM GIVING AWAY GEMS AND YARN

  2. I currently have every head and star head on battle block theater.

  3. I can assure you the gems on my account are not modded I even told you that the gems were given to me by friends and a second account of mine. 100 because I will be able to give an even amount of yarn away And like I said to alianhomeaid456 all my gems were gifted to me by friends and moved from my second account to my current. I can show no proof that they are from trades as you can tell but I assure you it is all legit.
  4. I liked the ii at the end so I decided on Uwii
  5. I got winston so I don't need gems anymore I am giving away my gems to the community if you want any just add me (GT is in my signature) I will give a max amount of 500 gems per person and a max of 100 yarn per person **If you can (NOT REQUIRED)** after you receive your Gems/Yarn post legit along with the amount you received from me, if this goes well I'll do these more often (Weekly/Daily) *Fill this in with the gems/yarn you received from me if you are posting Legit* I received a total of Gems: 1-500 Yarn: 1-100 Thanks and enjoy! GT: Uwii
  6. Nope I wanted the GT Grii but it was taken so I did Uwii I own 0 nintendo consoles
  7. Thanks!
  8. I currently have 49,900 gems exactly I'm offering 4.5k - 7.5k gems I have been scammed in multiple attempts to get winston so I signed up here to try and get one. I currently have every head in the game except winston so this is a serious offer. If you have it I would prefer you to add me on xbox asap but you can just message me on here for more info. **NOTE** I will offer more gems if you want more, gems are nothing to me I have all heads that you can buy unlocked GT: Uwii UPDATE It being national dog day winston is being given out so this is no longer an active offer PLEASE CLOSE THIS TOPIC!
  9. Current gems: 49,900

  10. Bank

    Most Hated Enemies.

    My so called friends
  11. Bank

    The Trader's Plaza

    I'll give 3.5k for it if you're willing to my GT is Uwii
  12. Bank

    Prevent Scams In The Gift Shop!

    Quite a bit of math but very interesting way to prevent scams!