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  1. I took a seriously long break from this game just because I found some other games I wanted to spend some time on. I've recently decided to return to this masterpiece of a game, and the first thing I did was the new Furbottom's Feature. IMPOSSABLANK, this was the most fun I've had on a feature in a seriously long time. It was also the most challenge I've dealt with in a while. I've yet to even finish it because it's such a challenging map. What amazed me most, however, was that it didn't try to be stupidly challenging. Rather, it had challenge underlined by bits of genius here and there. This map was and honor to play and will be an honor to finish. I look forward to seeing new maps from you in the future.
  2. Make this happen, Behemoth. Holy crap I'm gonna kill everybody if this head doesn't come out!
  3. I like the illuminati idea... i think that it should be the next new head!
  4. Sarcasm?No he's being serious.....you also get king and big chin prisoner.... u also get all de ster heds an u win a milin dolirs And Bill Gates resurrects Steve Jobs to give you the iPc. You also get exclusive beta access to the Behemoth's Game 4. Pretty sure Honey Hug survives instead and destroys Earth by squirting honey from his star-nipples. Got to be. And then everyone blows up and gems fly everywhere but then hatty turns into a person and walks out of your TV and gives you a hug...
  5. I hope they make a sequel to BBT cause that ending made little to no sense
  6. I thought a lot a lot of them were funny, but this one really stuck out to me "More, bigger, harder! That's what she sa- uh, i mean"
  7. I'm glad they posted this so that people can get an idea of what heads they might want.
  8. This post is helpful! I was wondering the same thing.