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  1. They are just best friends. Good friendship exists, even in CC. Best of buds.
  2. I did read it and opened all your spoilers. I just want to say that i prefer the forgotten knights guide more and ergo there is no need to post this. However, I am glad that you are proud of yourself , confidence is all you need in life.
  3. Yup i agree again, there is no need for this. The Forgotten's guide is the best there is.
  4. Is there a reason you post all this stuff here. All this info is already on this forum.
  5. No, medusa level is not so hard. You are right there. Its just a matter of good evading.
  6. Jup, Blue Knight for Insane mode SOLO. Because he can freeze the minions for infinity. Long live the blue one and his eternal ice.
  7. Availability: Not available in Australia, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, New Zealand, Russian Federation and Ukraine Hehehehe, poor bastards.
  8. struggling insane mode and than owning at FULL MOON. I got it from the first time. Sweet moment. I was full of confidence.
  9. and i believe it never occured on ps3 (where i play CC) or am i wrong here?
  10. DOnt worry about that sh*t. It happened on xbox and you had to do something stupid i dont even know what it is anymore. Just play your game and dont do drugs or hacks
  11. i have the same, but i got the horn. However, when i played on and saved and later that week played again, i lost it again. But you dont need it anymore when you are behind that medusalevel. So no problem. (also Playstation) T