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  1. RIP the only interesting discussions I took part in.

  2. wut... ;_; Now what am I going to do for fun????????
  3. Took me 2 hours of thinking and 30 minutes in paint, but I finally finished best waifu. Bask in her glory.
  4. RIP Germany, enjoy your leeches.

  5. I'm only 5 days in my junior year and I already want to drop out... I have to get up at 5:00am and go to a place I hate, filled people who aren't going to accomplish anything other than creating more loser kids, and then sit in a hard plastic chair for 7 hours a day learning absolutely nothing useful that I don't know already. The worst part is I'm in the oh so wonderful "diverse" culture so literally all everyone talks about is who got jumped yesterday, who went to jail for [insert literally any crime], who got this girl pregnant because even though shes 15, "we've all slept with her", and what drugs does this guy have and for how much.. Also, we have one of the worst education systems in the entire freaking state. Someone please... help me... I need a way to get this over with as fast as humanly possible; Sometimes I even daydream of getting into a terrible accident so I don't have to go for a few weeks...
  6. I think they're mainly played by casuals to kill time and while I don't have a problem with them or anyone who plays them, I personally don't see the appeal. Also, anyone who only plays those games and considers themselves a gamer is no true Scotsman
  7. Something to stick around for that is also challenging, like the full purple bar in BBT (but this time can we have a reward? even a 0g achievement would be freakin awesome)
  8. You could just ask someone who has worked there what was the worst thing they've seen done to someones food.. thats why I stopped eating fast food, you wouldn't believe how many stories i've heard of people I know just messing with random people's food for no reason, and its normally a bunch of teenagers working in those jobs, so you know they're up to something evil.
  9. I think its going to be a bit strange hearing people telling me how much they love "PP" but other than that, I cannot wait to finally go full tryhard on another game since BBT.
  10. Nobody (currently) on this forum would even think of scamming (Mostly because no one even plays BBT anymore) that's for scrubs that aren't good enough to play a game how it's meant to be played. But I will give you gems because....y'know...yolo and stuff. You won't get that many though; you still need to be somewhat legit.500 sound okay? It better. ------------------------------------------------------------------I'm sorry but you saying that nobody plays bbt anymore is complete bull. Sure it's probably not as full of Xbox live games than it was when it first came out, but people still play it and it's one of behemoth's greatest games. (Actually I've played all of them and I love them all. But still). So I don't want to hear any of this "Playing the game is for scrubs." LONG LIVE BBT!!! I made that post before BBT came out on games with gold and there actually weren't many people playing the game at the time I made the post (I was playing the game 5-12 hours a day at that point and came across the same 20 people so I wasn't lying) and I didn't mean playing the game was for scrubs, I meant scamming was. (I played it for literally hundreds of hours so I would be insulting myself if I did say anything negative about the game)
  11. But "normies" is something only normies say... EDIT: Forgot le ebin meme (its a feminist thing if you don't get it)
  12. What does a Jewish pedophile say?
  13. Am I missing something? From what I've seen, only Turkey and GameFemale have recently changed their usernames, and they aren't exactly funny (referring to the comment about being made just for laughs, not saying those two are not funny..) If I missed someone, sorry for the confusion but I don't really see the problem with only two people doing it. (Again, I could be totally wrong and there could be name changing left and right) I will agree that it does get confusing and doesn't look right when they do change them though.
  14. Woah, what a twist! M. Night Shyamalan himself would be in awe at this completely unexpected turn of events. In all seriousness, GoldenGhost was probably the obvious first choice and will be a great mod. And even though I haven't seen much of Vinchenzo's posts, from the ones I have seen, i'm sure he'll make an excellent mod. Congratulations, guys! Hope you enjoy your new positions, you deserve it! EDIT: Just saw the badges and oooOOOOooOOhhhh god, I got chills
  15. Since it seems like there is going to be more than 1, do you have a set number yet, or atleast an estimate for how many new mods there are going to be?
  16. I've been listening to a lot of old music recently, trying to see what was up with everyone apparently loving it and honestly, I was a bit turned off by how slow it all seemed to be. But I did listen to a lot of Pink Floyd and this has to be one of the most satisfying songs to listen to ever.
  17. I'm about halfway through the second book of Game of Thrones and even though it feels kind of slow to me, i'll keep going because the third book is apparently where it starts getting really good. Also, I just read Of Mice and Men and it was a very good (and short for the impact it gave) book, would definitely recommend if you haven't read it yet.
  18. I guess if we're posting these now, http://myanimelist.net/animelist/UndeadNinya (Am I the only one who didn't think Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood was that great?)
  19. I might be a bit late, but i'll make a list anyway (These are only ones that i've seen so there are a lot more good ones not listed) And if you really want to get into a good, long story: (In Order)
  20. Its not like they're going to hunt you down or anything.
  21. Its gems you've earned, trading doesn't count. There are plenty of threads that tell the fastest way to get gems too, but it will definitely take a lot of time to get them.
  22. ...I don't know if you're serious or not, and even if you aren't the only one here with a negative opinion about another member, I don't think saying something like that publicly was a good idea.. Also, if you don't like his humor or posting style, you could just ignore it. There are plenty of people you're not going to like in your life and if you call all of them out on it, you're probably going to end up an outcast or in the hospital/morgue from someone who took it too seriously.
  23. He didn't win last year, but his speech was pretty amazing and it touched many hearts that day (even if it was mainly comedic and not sad) Also, in the unfortunate event that Scaler does not win an award this year (if they're ever finished), I would like to nominate him as President of The Behemoth Forums and watch as havoc ensues. Feel free to second the motion... anyone? no? ok.
  24. Who is your favorite stand-up comedian? Anyone who is not your favorite but worth watching anyway? I'll start: Dane Cook. Hes really funny but has some very colorful language and has a performance from Madison Square Garden on Netflix.
  25. I'm actually pretty good at strategy games and platformers, but in terms of enjoyment/play time, RPGs.