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  1. Hi

    1. Zephyr


      Hola. Where have you been?! How's life treating you?

    2. xDarkAnsem


      Not playing video games :( and pretty fair, how ya been?

  2. Anyone remember me? My memory of this site was jogged because a couple years ago Roy G Biv posted this video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=iRZ2Sh5-XuM And now the same guy has come out with another video, arguably more strange than the first. www.youtube.com/watch?v=wBqM2ytqHY4 So anyways, hi.
  3. I am attempting to come back to the forum. But it will ultimately fail, so hi while I'm here.
  4. Well, I joined the forums, posted 800 times, left, and then I guess I'm sorta nearly almost halfway back.
  5. Remind me of this conversation in two months. Then we'll talk. *Ouch* I felt that burn from over here Good one Zeph
  6. Not sure if sarcasm... Or serious. If serious my reply is: Oh come on the guys weren't legitimately mad
  7. Were they at least meanie faces? That would thicken the plot, but no, just innocent citizens.
  8. I reward myself best (worst?) troll of the day award. Scene: Ninth grade center, school assigned iPads, advisory. (advisory- half an hour of doing homework and playing your iPad) I heard these three guys on the other side of the classroom are clearly speaking minecraft talk ("I have plenty of logs", "our buildings are over here", "are there torches in the pocket edition?"), so I go to my minecraft app, join the only server open, and wreak havoc (destroying their buildings, killing them, etc.). This then causes them to say things like, "Wait, who is in front of me?", "Why are one of you punching me!?", and "Why the heck are you destroying my house!?" P.S. This might just sound really stupid and I don't realize it, but me and my friends could hardly hold our laughter. P.S.S I plan on resuming the havoc tomorrow.
  9. Granted, but you're training career goes down the toilet and you find yourself being a nurse at a Pokemon center. I wish that I had 100 wishes. (I wish I could come up with something original.)
  10. Ok I'm just curious and in no way do I mean to be offensive, but didn't you know all of this already? Not only have you been on these forums longer, but aren't you a CC junkie? Have you just forgotten the art that is castle crashing?