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  1. thanks for the sustain guys, since behemoth can't give me the prisoners back i'm fine like this.
  2. unfortunately it doesn't work and i've tried pretty much everything possible so thanks anyway, I appreciate it.
  3. So i was playing BBT the other day, i was in a basketball match when the game suddenly freezes, i decided to turn off my Xbox and stop playing, the next day i managed to play BBT but then a message appear saying that the game can't read the save file asking me to reload it in an attempt to fix the problem, it fails again and another message pops up saying if i want to delete my save and start all over again. I've spent the day finding a solution on the web trying some things but nothing changed, the same error message appear every time. So today i realized my save file is irreversibly corrupted and i lost everything in the game. The thing that actually make me sad is that i had all the featured star prisoners, there is a way i can have all the star prisoners again? I really wanted to collected all the prisoners in the game behemoth PLEASE. P.S: sorry for my bad english, i don't speak it.
  4. because it's driving me crazy, no reason to continue going off topic anyway.
  5. The head look cools, but i can't still find the hidden yarn in the encore 2 stage, can someone help me?
  6. I'm looking for the lava lamp it's the only head i miss and also my favorite.
  7. Offer: furbottom, sausage, duckshark, moose, fat kid, snail, triple threat, steam roll victim, 25%, 50% and 500 gems Looking for: Lava lamp