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  1. Hello friends. I just graduated from art school and just finished interning with Yacht Club Games! I am now looking for full time opportunities and wanted to share with you guys the work I have been doing. Below are examples of my grad project. I made character designs for a fighting game! Thanks for checking out some of my stuff. More can be found at the links below. https://www.taylorbrayart.com/ https://www.artstation.com/taylorbray https://www.instagram.com/thebluefootedboobie/?hl=en
  2. Never understood why their stuff never came to playstation. They are much smarter than I am though. They obviously have their reasons.
  3. Most of my images are big and when I bring them down in size they look so bad XP Those are only two from dozens, so if you guys care at all check out my instagram @thebluefootedboobie or my artstation https://www.artstation.com/artist/taylorbray
  4. Hello people. I am about to start my last semester of my junior year at art school. Pretty crazy. Applying for internships right now and making a website/portfolio. Just wanted to show you guys some work I did this past term.
  5. Hello from the depths of art college. Been hard at work and I have improved a little. Last posted here about 10 months ago. Starting my third year at art school this Saturday, time does fly! Here is some updated artwork. The goals for me right now are Riot, Blizzard, Dreamworks. Will try to keep you guys updated, but I do post daily on my instagram. https://www.instagram.com/thebluefootedboobie/ Hope you enjoy these three paintings.
  6. Has the Behemoth made a statement why they are not bringing Pit People to PS4? It has a bigger install base and I think it would do great there. I would love that from Pit People.
  7. I would love a Dan P art book. Also it is fine to copy artists you like to learn how they draw certain things and approach different problems; most people would advise that to not be your final goal. I started with Dan's style in middle school and am now in a totally different place artistically.
  8. Hey guys, my art has changed places! It can be found here https://www.tumblr.com/blog/ulfberthmoney or on instagram @thebluefootedboobie thanks for the constant support
  9. Hello friends. Just a little art update. Finished my first year at art school very strong and am here to update you with some artwork. All of this can be found on my tumblr, taylorbrayart.tumblr.com but I know some people don't use that so I am posting them here I am working towards a professional portfolio, hopefully for big companies, (Behemoth included.) I am also going to be creating a website soon with prints and merch, so hopefully some of you guys are interested in that XP Thanks for the people that check out my stuff. f.
  10. Been listening to a lot of Paramore recently.
  11. Hey guys, I have not been posting on here much but I have on my tumblr. Don't forget to go check it out I try to update it daily. taylorbrayart.tumblr.com But this post is because my dad is an artist who is trying to get a career going and he started a tumblr as well. Go give him some love http://stephenbrayfineart.tumblr.com/ He also has his first art show coming up very soon so if anybody is near the Laguna area do not be afraid to stop by. http://art-a-fair.com/exhibitors/artist-stephen-bray/ Thanks again guys, hope you like both of our work
  12. Tayseanpwns

    Best Pokemon

    Dunsparce and Stunfisk. No need to explain.
  13. Hey guys just wanted to let everybody know that I have created a tumblr where I will be posting most of my art. http://taylorbrayart.tumblr.com I also have an instagram where I post things about my life and am starting to do more art related things, so you can catch me over there too. @thebluefootedboobie. And I think I have a pretty interesting twitter, not art related. @blubberypie But here is one of my assignments that I just completed, a self portrait.
  14. The single characters take about 2 hours to draw, ink, and color. These characters are also rough drafts for my class so there is no shading or highlights and the colors are pretty simple. The final project for one of my other classes where i used these characters took about 4 hours, but the characters were already done. So all together including the character creation that would take about 14 hours. glad you like my stuff XP
  15. This game is awesome. Would love to turn this into a little Behemoth clan.
  16. Hey Guys I made a fictional video game poster for my Digital Design 1 class. Just wanted to share it here. Hope you enjoy
  17. Well I started with Dan Paladin actually. I know we have very different styles but it all started there. I also learned a lot from Alex Pardee. I would say those are the biggest influences but they inspired me year ago and it has slowly grown into my own thing. I think the key to a style is having artists in mind that you like, but never copy them. I am self taught up until about junior year in high school so that helped a lot with developing a unique style.
  18. Hey Guys! I have been a part of the community for a long time now. I started about 4 years ago with some fan art posts which can be found in the links below. http://tayseanpwns.deviantart.com/art/Barbarian-266190669 http://tayseanpwns.deviantart.com/art/Castle-Crashers-Beat-Down-266151162 http://tayseanpwns.deviantart.com/art/Castle-Crashers-Ninja-266164974 http://tayseanpwns.deviantart.com/art/Hatty-Hattington-266152178 http://tayseanpwns.deviantart.com/art/Pink-Knight-266153830 This was posted around the time that the Pink Knight was just announced and before much was known about BBT. This would be the time that would be known as my freshman year in highschool. Now I am almost done with my first year at Pasadena Art Center and have come a long way from these designs. I am slowly working towards working alongside Dan Paladin at the behemoth (AKA the dream). I just wanted to make a thread that will hopefully get my art out there one way or another. I try not to flood this thread, but I do post daily on my instagram, come check it out https://www.instagram.com/thebluefootedboobie/
  19. Hopefully it can be played on macs for steam. I missed out on BBT cause I have a PS3 and a Mac. All I need is Stamper, good gameplay, AH, CC, BTT throwbacks, customization, and an insane story. Kind of what the Behemoth does anyway.
  20. All of their games have been on a Sony system, so I bet it will be ported.
  21. Yeah Dan said they have no idea what they are doing but another BattleBlock Theater employee said that they have been throwing around ideas. It probably wont be out till 2017.