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  1. I like the idea of the sea shell, but I like the star fish (:
  2. Here's my idea for they Yellow or ocean knight! Give me your feedback and tell me if you like my idea for a dlc! I sure like him and hope you do!
  3. I did like the idea of costumes for your characters. Like in the character select menu, and you pressed either the right or left button it would change their costume. The basic and grey knights could remove their helmets, and the cone head could wear a tuxedo! Or maybe they would look like the princesses? You could add boobs to pink knight? (lets not start a pink knight gender fight)
  4. Pico Starting weapon, Gun (similar to alien laser) Or the gun could be just a re-texture for the bow with a diffferent sound, and he would start out with a basic sword. Splash magic: A bus comes and knocks down enemies? Projectile Magic: He could use the fire extinguisher Jump Magic: jumps up with the fire extinguisher as a jetpack Fancy Pants He would be similar to the painter boss Starting weapon, the fancy pencil (you know that pencil he leans on you never see again, yeah that!) Splash Magic: draws a helper to help him out (or maybe just explode?) Projectile Magic: Kicks a snail shell Magic Jump: bounces up on a spring
  5. I had an idea for a DLC. It would add a new map and allow you to go to a bunch newgrounds based places and get newgrounds characters. It would add the Tankman, Pico, Fancy Pants, Tom Fulp, and some others. Add some items like Fancy Pants fancy pencil, and maybe a cartoony gun for Pico. You could go to the waste lands of the tankmen, then to Pico's school, and around the madness area.
  6. Pink Knight the best (and probably most powerful) character in the entire game!