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  1. hi i'm castle crasher player on ps3

  2. I never knew the old yous but have fun on here browsing nowadays... =)
  3. Can I be an exception?.. I'm always on here but don't always post plus have 2 people from here on my Ps3 friends list... PSN ID: Sir_J3fr0 and thats a three and zero in there... =) Jus noticed I got over 100 posts... =)
  4. Ahh 'Fat Cats', even tho I do line their pockets, they're are a major problem in our society.. I mean, they get away with allsorts yet the common man gets stringed up yet has to bend themselves to their rules, crazy.. The companies you name, it's not their general staff like programmers, artists, blah blah, it's those good ol' chums at the top who charge what they want for whatever and fire who they like whenever...
  5. Seein' as this IS the Blacksmith and Pink Knight PSN thread, I gotta say, I love the Pink Knight even if her magic pecks head when fightin' the final boss...
  6. Haha yeah, in our dreams... =)
  7. On today at 3pm'ish GMT.. So come on where's the PS3 massive, wanna play?... =)
  8. 'Alfred, the Joker has poisioned me,' Oh yeah, was up for many hours last night blastin' this out.. Deus ex has been put on the back burner...
  9. j3fr0

    You're banned!

    Banned for holdin' it against her...
  10. I'm not worried jus' annoyed at Sony.. I'm actually mo' interested in gettin' all them bloody gold skulls... =)
  11. A Manchester United Castle Crasher...

  12. A Manchester United Castle Crasher...

  13. j3fr0

    You're banned!

    Banned for lovin' Sonic before Castle Crashers... (Sonic is awesome tho)...