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    Gaming, I have a PS3, I am into football and basketball. My PSN Id is SwAt_TrUcK_kiLLa
  1. I've sent you a friend request on PS3 with the name SwAt_TrUcK_kiLLa
  2. NinjaToast


    I like it, just it gets boring when you play alone for a while.
  3. I came up with NinjaToast because I like Ninja's and Toast. One day I was playing BF3 and was being a ninja, while I was being a ninja I was eating toast. I did really good that match while eating toast playing as a ninja, so I came up with the name NinjaToast! xD
  4. Dead Cat by the road one house down, I dunno what to do D:

  5. I think first I would play a few missions then save my game. After I do that I would go on a massive police chase a few times until I get bored of it.
  6. No I only have it for the PS3 but thanks for willing to help me!
  7. I need some help with insane on PS3, think maybe you can help me out?
  8. I need help on insane mode on the PS3 as well, I have a level 70 blue knight which im trying to beat insane mode with but I need some help, If you can just post a comment and help me that would be great
  9. Hello fellow Castle Crashers, today I am here to see if anyone can help me beat insane mode on Castle Crashers. I have not unlocked the full map yet, in fact i just started the map i have beat the barbarian boss. I will be playing as my level 70 blue knight if someone decides to help me, thankyou.