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  1. I just had a bit of a hard time cause we were both grey and when you are hitting enemies across the screen they look very much alike. But all is well we got it and I still have 28 more to go... But first to beat the game with all characters, then on to more gold, stay tuned ill let all know when i'm ready for more help. Thanks
  2. Two down and 28 to go!! Thanks to LHR Dark Knight, Fluttershy, CAiNiACprime, Fearless Feedle, iarm, T Diamond 01, and many more!! Very much appreciate the help and I'll continue to play til I get all gold.
  3. One down and 29 to go:D But hey since BBT is not coming out this year I have plenty of time to do it now.
  4. Quick question about insane mode... If I beat the game by level skipping with some of you who already have beaten the game on insane (obviously otherwise you could not level skip), when i leave the game and go back into it will all the levels be unlocked. I ask this so If I level skip and beat it then I can now use my character to help others beat it on insane too with that character. BTW: thanks for all the help and the good community of CC. I have already meet some in the past few days and it is good to play the game with mature people:D Thanks
  5. This clan of people is awesome. I was only able to play for a short few hours today but it is good to meet mature people who love this game. I am very much up for getting as many gold skulls as possible. Thanks to all for the help:D GT: darqninja01
  6. I just have beat the game enough times to get all characters, but now want to beat the game on insane a few times. Most of my characters are about level 20 or so and two of them are 46 and in the 30's. I tried to play it on insane with my level 46 guy and holy crap its hard. I am very serious about games, im 27 and hate trolls and jerks as well. (I put in over 120 hours on Burnout paradise with about 30 or so of us that hated trolls and people who were jerks) GT: darqninja01 (But i do enjoy having fun too so sometime we might have to do some games with a drink min as well-assuming your the correct age:D)
  7. I agree though cause rage and GOW3 come out this month, and MW3 is in Nov so it will be either Oct or Dec. I hope for Oct but well see:D (I don"t think BF3 will be as big now that it will not be on steam, you have to use origin no matter if you buy it from the store, and the multi will be cut in half for the console versions)
  8. My wife and I would love to have the Industrial Castle prince as a playable character:D (He is one of my favorite enemies in the game) But I really want Hatty so release BBT so I can buy it and support behemoth:)
  9. Also prob changed it cause it is very easy to beat the game with a weapon like that at first start at level one. Same thing goes for a lot of games that give you things like dlc to make a game easier at the start. I like the idea cause the sword was originally hard to get and then it came with some dlc. (Although my wife would beg to differ cause she does not play as much as I do and she cannot use it to start. LOL:D)
  10. Here is a list of all the weapons, characters and animals before the dlc of the pink and purple night. ... LA/Weapons. When you dwl the pink and purple night you get 8 weapons at first and there are two more to find. One can be bought in the Castle keep store on insane mode and the other can be dug up on the 2nd boss. (The cyclops boss-on the right side there are bones on the ground.) The cyclops boss does not need to be played on insane to get the weapon, just goto one of your games you beat with and go directly to him and dig it up then quite. (easy!!) If you need any help: GT: darqninja01
  11. I really hope it is in the next couple of months. I have been playing a lot of CC and AH. Dan has said that it is not soon to come out and that was at pax east. I think that the hatty dlc will be out in month or two and BBT by Christmas I hope. One can only watch so many previews of the game. (Can't take anymore just want the game bad:D)
  12. I am not 100% sure but I think some have that weapon and all the rest in the frog due to the leak in Malaysian PSN store. I saw a video of someone having a new character, all weapons, and a new animal orb. Other than that I have not seen any new weapons besides the ten and have not discovered the one you are talking about. But thanks. GT: darqninja01
  13. Alright After a lot of searching I found the other two weapons. I have read and then went to my x box to get them to make sure they are legit, they are... Here is how to get the other two weapons to make the total of ten.. The other 2 weapons are a wooden sword and mace. Wooden sword can be bought from the Castle Keep shop on Insane only. Wooden mace can be dug up with a shovel in the undead Cyclops' boss lair at the end of the game. It's under an "X" formed by bones. So I took one of my guys who I already beat the game with and went to insane, beat the first level and bought the sword in the castle keep, easy.. The other weapon i choose on of my characters i have not started insane with but beat the game and went directly to the bosses, went to the second boss and got it. The x is on the far right side It will be obvious. Thanks who tried and had the same prob I did though:D
  14. So I noticed that the new dlc as described on x box live said each pack came with 5 weapons making a total of 10, but the weapons frog only has 8. Are these hidden somewhere or do I need to beat the game? I have unlocked all other weapons so unsure how to get the others. I know there is more space in the frog for the other upcoming dlc, but dont know how to get the other two. Thanks for any answers
  15. You were right. Went on the x box site and it showed all the games i downloaded from my old and new console. All i had to do is turn my x box on and add games to the cue from the site on my computer and done:D After I did this I was able to play games from my wife's profile too, including CC and AH. This replay is in response to anyone who is having the same issue. Thanks again:D