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  1. I know it's too late to make this a topic but does anybody wanna play Insane mode with me? I am a level 63 blue knight and I think that's good for me cause I'm 10. So can you send me your steam name if you want to play with me? I am theSandwichGamer. Nobody will play with me but at least I'll give it a try. C:
  2. If the staff of the Behemoth team are reading this, please please please add Battleblock Theater to PC. C:
  3. I really want Battleblock Theater to PC because my Xbox account doesn't have gold.
  4. I want dat Battleblock Theater to da PC, ma xbox is not amazing cus it doesnt have gold
  5. Playing a game, eating a sandwich.... you get the idea :3
  6. Will BattleBlock Theater ever get on steam? My Xbox doesn't have gold so I can't get it! D:

  7. Hi guys! I'm the SandwichGamer and I have been playing alot of Castle Crashers! My favorite character has got to be the Necromancer! I like to play games at my spare time
  8. The Pink Knight..... BEST KNIGHT EVER! For me :3