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  1. LMFAO, nah I got my inspiration for him from Strongmen, and Manly man.
  2. Uni-ball Signo DX, Mitsubishi Pencil Co. Stole it from my friend. C:
  3. Reminds me of a character from Punch-Out! Forgot his name though. Oh yeah, Von Kaiser That's funny he looks like him so much lol.
  4. Here is the finished product:
  5. Oh his name is Fancy Pants Mcgee!
  6. I have a bunch of drawings in Dan Paladin's art style, but for now I'll start with this one I'm working on. It's like a mix of BattleBlock Theater & Charlie Murder.... SO enjoy!
  7. Soon I'll start posting my Behemoth related art! C:

  8. I love your work you are an amazing artist! Have they hired you yet?
  9. This is awesome, to bad I don't know where to watch it. XC