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  1. This is what I was thinking. I wouldn't want a mash up of all they're games, and favoured game characters. I don't know how they would tie it all together But with a completely new cast it could have its own story, and just toss in fan-favourites for appeal.
  2. I didn't mean a traditional fighting game sorry, I did mean a smash-like brawler. It would work well with the behemoths style, but I just categorize smash in the same vein as fighting games EDIT: Also, I have no idea what newgrounds rumble is :3
  3. I think thats true to an extent. With different things like block, and the hit-stuns and how long they last, and all that jazz. I mean I think it would be intense, but I feel like The Behemoth COULD do it, because I agree with you every genre they've tackled, they've done really well on, it'd be approaching something really new for them, that'd be cool, and I just really like fighting games, and Dan's style, so like...this would be real dope XD I think they'd obviously have some characters from previous games if its gonna be tied in to the same universe, but they'd make unique ones for the game. What I was thinking was like...these fourth dimensional beings are just travelling around all bored. And then they get this idea, that they wanna start pitting really great heroes, and fighters of the third dimension against eachother...for s***s and giggles. So they like would go to different planets around the behemoth universe, and make a crystal copy of the heroes they want, and that crystal has like..all the memories and talents of the hero locked inside. And they use this machine to project a simulated battlefield, and the crystals, and they just watch bada***s fight. EDIT: Also I think it would have to be like smash, because it would work best with his 2d art, but who knows where that madman could take it ;D
  4. I know i've been dead to this forum for awhile, but I was just thinking the other day (and also playin some BBT) a perfect genre for the behemoth to visit one day would be a fighting game. I've already thought of a pretty cool idea for a fighting game (and if you want me to elaborate just say so), but then my natural pessimism hit me and I was like "youre probably never gonna make this" and idk...I just thought the behemoth could make a balla' fighting game. Tell me what you guys think. And I know they're working on Pit People rn, and that looks cool as junk! Im just saying they COULD do one in the future...(And I already have an idea for it )
  5. I just got into the undertale OST, havent played the game tho, have heard mixed things. Hmm. Getting back into system of a down, alot of City and Colours new album if I should go before you. Ive also been listening to alot of Tears for Fears...theyre funky af
  6. I've been wanting to get Morrowind it was on sale yesterday but i didnt buy it :$ but i had fair reasoning i'm not crazy i just dont think my computer would be able to run it XD
  7. Just beat the binding of isaac, and got the wrath of the lamb dlc, and some legend of grimrock
  8. Im more of a mage fan, like in CC my first thing to upgrade fully was magic, yea it was stupid, i shoulda done it more equal, but im just a huge magic fan,
  9. Thats was my first one! XD the battle of the labyrinth right?
  10. BlueKnite

    Guess Game 4

    I think it might be a war game, where a bunch of high tech soldiers face the old ones, a bunch o soldiers wh build their weapons from scraps, and old material. You choose which side, and make your own soldier to start as a private in which ever army you chose, you level up, and get new equipment and missions and such, and it spirals into an epic sandwich of great proportions....uhh.... tale, TALE, not sandwich. Titled:Resistance!
  11. Sorry for all caps but ive loved the series and when i saw a commercial for it, i looked up some gameplay vids, and started on honour among thieves again, i dont have the collection on PS3 yet, dont know what ive been up to, and im NOT getting playstation move heroes , but i cant wait for thieves in time! Its even got all the original voice actors!!!
  12. Im thinking about getting YS: the oath in Felghana does anyone know if its fun, also if its on anything other than PC?
  13. I've been lovin deathspank, i got the first ive beat the game, got all trophies and done all sidequests and i want to get the next games, its a really fun game, and anybody looking for a short parody-rpg....ish game, id recommend deathspank