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  1. I copied all the levels over to a new playlist, removed all punctuation marks, like periods and commas and such, and it still won't work
  2. That's... no bueno. Can you try copying all the individual levels into a new playlist for me, then try uploading that? Keeping a "backup" is ALWAYS awesome, but less important for Steam as that platform WILL maintain a local copy after you've uploaded the playlist. I'm also wondering if one of the words you used in your playlist name is filtered. What did you name it? I named it woo! so maybe the ! mark is making it go wierd? I'll upload my backup to see if it works, and then copy them into a new playlist. I'll get back to you on it when it's done.
  3. I can't choose between Mogu and Cheeseborough. I got Mogu on my friends Xbox before I got steam. Now I have Cheeseborough, and I'm trying to get Mogu. These are the only images I could find Cheeseborough: http://www.optf2.com/238460/item/76561198007442196/1877533 Mogu: http://optf2.com/238460/item/76561198036327755/2689730
  4. Hello BattleBlock Theater community, I just got BBT Steam edition, and I have had a lot of fun with it, but I just made a full playlist, and I have been trying to upload it. I read up a little on this, and I have made a backup in case something happens. I have also made sure that all of the levels match up (first 9 levels are normal levels, the last 5 are time trials, and the very last level is a secret level). I made sure that there is a secret level portal in one of the levels and everything. I make sure I'm connected to steam, and then I hit upload, and it asks if it is a coop or a singleplayer playlist, and then it asks me to name the playlist, which I assume is normal; but then when it's all done, it says 'The upload did not succeed. Please try again later'. It has done this every time I try and upload. I even tried it on different user accounts on my computer, and then another computer altogether, and it still wont upload. Please help! Thanks, ~Ahnock~
  5. I think hatty is actually stamper in disguise. And he's telling the story. Probably.
  6. I had my own theory, similar to this, but I think that Honey Hug wasn't the creator of everything, but he wanted to take over the world via use of the cats, so he became the leader of bbt, before hatty. If you go into the hall of dudes, the last portrait has honey hug in it. I think Honey cursed the hat, so when hatty put it on, he went into a mental struggle against HH's evil left within the hat. At the end of the credits, when hatty lands at the bottom of the ocean and the laser is fired, it means that he won the mental battle (if you look closely, his tears disappear) and the laser was the cleansing of the hat, and it also kills the bear. I thought that the alien hominid ship being hit was just a reference to alien hominid, by the way. Either way, hatty probably died because he was at the very bottom of the ocean. it would take a miracle or a golden whale to save him. XD