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  1. I sent you a message just now, but I thought it`d be quicker to leave a comment, as I will not be online much longer for a school program. I`m looking for the tiny monkey skin and (if possible, as i only have 400+ gems) a snail skin. My gamertag is ratmore.

  2. It worked for a short period yesterday afternoon, but the Battleblocks service was unavailable again this morning. Do more people have this problem? Or does this have something to do with some connection types.
  3. hello people, I`m looking for the tiny monkey skin. Willing to pay 500 gems for it. GT: ratmore
  4. Hello, I don`t know if you have it or not, but I`ll give you 300 gems for the tiny monkey head. gt: ratmore
  5. Hello, I have had this problem for a day or two now. Everytime i start up the featured playlist, a message pops up that the battleblocks server is currently unavailable. I thought it might be a glitch and asked my friend to invite me to his game, but he had the same problem. I dont know if this is a known issue or something else. Thank you for your time.