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  1. Frog Bomb anyone? It's really useful in Muckle, fun to use and can be used as a platform. Plus it looks epic, what more could you ask?
  2. I think Alien Hominid and Hatty Hattington are my favourite characters, but the best would probably be the Industrialist/Fencer and the Blue Knight. For arena, red knight pretty much dominates, but some characters like Alien stand a chance against him.
  3. I like Bi-Polar Bear and the Install Ball. Bi-Polar Bear probably has the best name, can cause some hilarious moments and is pretty much epic all-around. Gotta' love the Install Ball though. He bouces around and is a reference to Alien Hominid, which was amazing! He also gets stronger as you increase your agility and I thought he was just pretty cool.
  4. I loved playing through it too. If only it was a bit longer. I beat it pretty quick with my friend LOL. Super Soviet Missile Mastar is EPIC!!!
  5. This is pretty obvious, but when you complete the Furbottom Feature then you'll get a new head.