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  1. I wondered this myself as well but I'm pretty sure it's purely asethetic.
  2. Hey Tattooey its Radiation 8omb I played some online with you a couple days ago thats pretty sick u got to play with dan.
  3. Am I in yet?If not how come, I met all requirements perfectly should i try to sign up again or is it really that late that it's pointless anyways. Oh yeah I have pretty fast interwebs as well. Okay i guess I'm in because I see the memberz on my account but I haven't received any emails yet.
  4. Well dang I guess i'm out unless I get one tomorrow huh. Also can you still get an email if the beta is going or how does this work. Please...
  5. Yes i don't have an invite even though i signed up day one what the heck!
  6. Please Dan I really want to play man i have been waiting on the game for three years now. Also will the email most likely come to inbox, or will it be in my spam?
  7. Please let me in guys... I can't take the suspense anymore.
  8. Please Behemoth if you selected me I would fill in my thoughts for you guys all the time during beta testing.Thanks Guys
  9. I signed up. . . Beta here I come!
  10. one word game of the year aside from battle block and mine craft of course.
  11. This is starting to feel a lot like Little Big Planet. Not in a bad way though this game is great.
  12. for some reason it really creeps me out that this guy would make two accounts to talk to himself