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  1. I'm pretty sure I've got the unlimited items code (which includes rare candies) for black and white on my AR. I think it came with all of the codejunkies black and white codes. just noticed you posted that some time ago. But my info may still be valid
  2. Yea I've had alot of problems with deleted or corrupted saves with fallout games over the years! Fables games are sweet but I found that 2 and 3 had really short stories and a small amount of replay value which sucked, hopefully the next one will have so decent replay value. And I play a bit of Plants vs Zombies too! Its great when your literally too lazy to get up and throw a disk in (or can't decide what to play) you just play a few levels to pass some time.
  3. Finally just saw the second part of Harry Potter 7 It was pretty good, I’d give it 7/10 Lots of special effects but still didn't come close to living up to the book Also saw Horrible bosses I’d give it 6/10 It was funny but was just sort of a dumb movie Also I just rented Source Code 8/10 for sure Good story, made you think a bit, and some decent action.
  4. While I wait on BBT, I've been playing some Diablo 2, Battlefield 1943, and Fallout New Vegas. I Recently quit WoW after like 3 years of playing , so I'm sort of just playing random games until I find something to dedicate some time too (like BBT!)
  5. Sometimes the Fire Demons can frustrate you beyond belief