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  1. Homedawg1

    Adventure Time!

    Yeah, I think that's his name. Even the commmercials for that episode are funny. Lol double necro post. It's not like this section is overflowing with activity, and these threads were relatively new. Edit: just saw the date of the post above mine, and that is indeed a neco post. But no harm done
  2. Homedawg1

    Regular Show

    Necro bump time... I was hoping someone would start singing Summertime Lovin, but I guess you're right too
  3. Homedawg1

    Regular Show

    Hey, what time is it?...
  4. Homedawg1

    Adventure Time!

    I love that episode with the screaming lemon guy. Cracks me up every time
  5. Homedawg1

    The Cc Multiplatform Suggestions Thread

    I feel that castle crashers may be added to Xbox One via something like Xbox Arcade. I don't have an Xbox One, but if there is an arcade function similar to Xbox 360, then it castle crashers might get added
  6. lol The last one should be worth half of the games Gamerscore. When I think of some, Ill post them here
  7. Homedawg1

    Castle Crashers For Xbox One

    Well they did add Alien Hominid to Xbox 360 right? So if the Xbox One has an Arcade, maybe they might just add Castle Crashers to the Xbox One arcade. Just a thought
  8. Homedawg1

    DLC Ideas Thread

    Forgive me for not being informed, but is there a Castle Crashers 2 in the works? Or will there be more DLC for the first game?
  9. Homedawg1

    Where's The Variety?

    I play as the thief, and have Agility maxed out. That can be really fun early on in the game.
  10. Homedawg1

    Favourite Animal Orb?

    You're not allowed to create a new thread until you get 5 approved posts, you just need 4 more! Very true, but there is already a thread for that. Understood.
  11. Homedawg1

    Favourite Animal Orb?

    I am new to this forum, and it is not letting me create a thread. I made a video guide on finding the vanilla-game animal orbs, but I dont know how to start a thread. Anyway, I like meowburt and the beholder.