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  1. Green_Knight-Havoc

    Best Character+Weapon+Animal orb?

    Well, im just askin this because i see alot of level 99s on ps3(maybe xbox) that use the Golden Skull mace and they say that is the best weapon, But others say its the NG Gold Sword, and another group prefers the Evil sword. I think the NG gold sword could HAVE been better on ps3 if they didnt put -3 agility, but its still good. And what about the animal orbs..? Half says chicken, but i say Hawkster lol what is youres? And the hardest one, The knight... I dont really know which one is the best, bt in my opinion, its gotta be the Industrialist(even though i dont use it) but others prefer the red knight, which i ca understerstand due to his magic. So whats youre Prefered Knight+Animal orb+Weapon?
  2. Green_Knight-Havoc

    Make a Knight!

    Golden knight/Fury Knight=D Powers: R2+Triangle: Shiny Haze/cloud(almost same effect as green knight, but the color ia gold and shiny) R2+O: Ball of fury/Golden Balls that stun them and do damage R2+X: Golden Wings (like the necromancer) but it only lasts like a normal R2+X combo
  3. Green_Knight-Havoc

    The Forgotten Knight's Insane Mode Guide

    No. Actually, yes it does, did it myself and the only change is, that you have to do Full moon as an additional level.
  4. Green_Knight-Havoc

    The Forgotten Knight's Insane Mode Guide

    Lol then im doing this for all my characters =D lol
  5. Green_Knight-Havoc

    The Forgotten Knight's Insane Mode Guide

    Does this also work for normal mode?
  6. Green_Knight-Havoc

    Purple knight Magic+Video Hd

    I love everyhig on him, the scratch marks, Armour, mask, everyhing besides the horns lol i wanna get him level 99 asap xD
  7. Green_Knight-Havoc

    Purple knight Magic+Video Hd He looks sick, but i dont reallly like the horns
  8. Green_Knight-Havoc

    NEW DLC OUT NOW.! 8/26

    When will this be out for ps3?
  9. Green_Knight-Havoc

    The Hardest Level

    Insane mode: Industrial castle/Lava world Normal mode: full moon (rocks+Big people+Little People=Annoying)
  10. Green_Knight-Havoc

    Find people to play CC with here!

    Im level 81 Green knight with gold skull.. Im willing to help others Add xAcidHavoc ps3 only Im also trying to get more gold skulls on my industrial knight and other characters so id also appreciate youre help
  11. Green_Knight-Havoc

    Gold Skull Count

    Gold skulls: 1 Green knight level 84 lol im working on my second one... If anyone also wants to play with me and help me just add xAcidHavoc (ps3)
  12. Green_Knight-Havoc

    Got my first gold skull.. What next?

    Well im just working on atleast makin all my characters level 20+ now
  13. Green_Knight-Havoc

    Got my first gold skull.. What next?

    So i got my gold skull(complete insane mode) on Green knight its still level 81 thought... Im thinking of levelling it up to 99 and get anothe knight to gold skull... Any suggestions on which knight to get next? PS: i got a quick question: Even when youve maxed out all power abilities on yoire knight, like lets say my knight has maxed out all powers, but what happens if i level it up higher? Does my knight get stronger still, or does it stay the same with all powers? Or it upgrades by itself?
  14. Green_Knight-Havoc

    The Trading Post - Weapons Trade Topic

    I need the chainsaw Add xAcidHavoc I have NG gold sword
  15. Green_Knight-Havoc

    DLC Ideas Thread

    It would be so epic if you can make youre own character and/or sword Maybe a "Customizable Pack" And what if there was a New character called "Death knight" ? The powers would be like you can control people like lift them up and then drop them lol. That would be epic