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  1. Is there a release date for the blacksmith packs for ps3?
  2. I'm a level 81 now and on the desert level but if you're gunna ignore me I can always do it myself... My PSN is xXPUBEBUNNYXx and gamertag is DFAxNinjaguyXD
  3. I'd like to help but I don't know then sorry
  4. Before you played with your brother could you play solo?
  5. I can help, At the moment I'm a level 44 red knight and my psn is xXPUBEBUNNYXx I've had the game for 1 day and already on catfish on insane mode. I've had lot's of practice and I've completed insane mode with 3 characters on xbla. By the time you send me a friend request I'll probably be already a level 54+
  6. I've just been looking for the pink knight on the psn store and I can't seem to find it. It was released on febuary 8th so I know that it's out, but was it only out for a limited time. I'd appreciate some help! Thanks!
  7. There will be another castle crashers because if you go to the industrial level and don't open the door, above the door you can see the purple haired princess' face and clearly see that she is not a clown but the ending you kiss a clown so the bad guys must have tricked you and hid her with someone else. If you want i'll try to post a vid explaining this onto youtube. Hope this helped.