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  1. Hey! I have like 4 or 5 booms. Maybe i could give you one but it depends as if im in the same state as you i could try trading one for a new star head. Ill make a decision and ill send you a pm of my message. my gamertag is the same as my account name. Hope you get it!
  2. REQUESTING LOCKDOWN i no longer need tthis as i now have every star head and every normal head that is currently out
  3. So, from what I've read you've spent enough time in the Gift shop section of the forums to annoy everyone on the forums but 3? That seems like an awful lot of tiem to annoy people.... not postign your own things.... and bugging people about their posts for star heads... and because im awsome i put down my gamertag so peopel can trade?!?!?!
  4. Actually i play lots of arena. i love ball game and have been playing today. Just when i see someone wearing somethign i need or a limited i go to the giift shhow and most of the tiem get something. Ive only had the game like 1 and a half months
  5. Angledeath i tried to send you a message saying sorry but i couldnt because im on your ignore list. So can we just forget about what happened earlier as i didnt mean it to be an argument. I tried to say something but the way i wrote it made it seem like i said something else. Can we just be neutral with each other or freinds?
  6. Wow Memor makes it look like an argument? in no way is this an argument. Read the two comments:When i said about getting the dount and cat control i was just saying. that had absolutely nothing to do with the boom. I was just saying its easy to get star heads Its very sad and a little funny how you keep editing your posts and keep straying far from the point, I could sit here all night an argue with you but your obviously one of those people that just ignores all reason. You've been added to my ignore list btw I don't have the time to listen to nonsense.t my comment is blue his red Yeh ummm i just pointed out that i was just saying its easy to get stars and then he starts lashing out calling me sad and 'little funny'? Umm this is why i want a lockdown. Look how long this page is and it only has 1 reply related to the topic by my freind mason. (edit) i just realised something. You guys also went to my brothers post about how bad his price was and how he should raise it. You also told him that you noticed all he was doing was trading. Guess what i noticed? All you do is criticise prices. Apparently angel is 15! Act your age. Thats why i dont like making even more comments. Thats why i edit mine (to keep the page clean which his a skill you must learn) We should just all just stop arguing because whats the point right?
  7. Ok can some mods put this on lockdown im making a new topic as this is such a long page with useless things. Thanks
  8. Hey guys! Im trading my hatzilla for either of these 3 star heads. Tiny Monkey Toast Lava Lamp Reply IF INTERESTED
  9. lol I did to amazing isn't it epic how they don't and we do I got a hand for boom then traded one of my 6 booms back to myself. Jeez. Didnt even use this website and i only need 3 more!
  10. Yeah Ace Jake is good at campaign. He's my brother and we have both done insane mode so if you are interested in the campaign on normal then its no problem for us. Hope you find someone to play with!
  11. Guys this is so stupid. Im not editing my posts it was a new one and im not arguing. Im just saying what i meant to say because i said something wrong. I never said that you did anything wrong. And do you think i care about an ignore list. This topic is being spamed with arguments. Its for trading and i want to trade but cant
  12. You just proved my point, if someone gives you the donut head and cat control head for free its not the same as trading because you did not trade any of the heads you offered. As for Manbirth, Gerrard and rose you dont even have to try to get them as they are that easy. When i said about getting the dount and cat control i was just saying. that had absolutely nothing to do with the boom. I was just saying its easy to get star heads