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  1. Yeah he came back like 2 months ago but went again he's not going to come back anytime soon
  2. We and my bro got all star heads and gold trophies and we sucked but we kept trying to complete the collection when aready halve the heads came out
  3. please make bbt on xbox one and make it so you can carry heads over
  4. I will now take your place ;D
  5. ░░░░░░░░░▄░░░░░░░░░░░░░░▄░░░░

  6. the FBI agent 2 has recently came out, and gems are a bit rubbish, once you have all heads and star heads, gems really suck I am taking Memor's place sorry if I seem mean
  7. Good bye have a good time in the big big world thank you for being there for me and telling me if I was dealing good or bad trades
  8. tiny monkey and monster is good, the first few up to tiny Cyclops are the best, and the monster the others are just bad, that's my opinion
  9. Also, a lot of people will join the forums only for this reason, then the begging/asking all day 24/7 begins...quick! Raise the gates to keep 'em out. lol I know right I did but now I got them all this guy new how to duplicate heads and gave them me for free duplicating is wrong sorry, its the only way to life lol
  10. commas don't really matter that much in text if you want to write things quicklyYes they do, it makes reading easier.I doubt the head would be anything outrageous like hatty, they'll probably troll you guys with a castle crashers head. id rather write a lot, than worry about commas, and stop every minute well that's how I feel about grammar in text..... lololololol
  11. Um... the lava lamp was the blender. Nope, the Blender is most likely the last star head. Of course. Maybe. maybe I hope that a cat or Hatty comes out