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    The "opposite Game"

    Okay so the game is called The "Opposite" Game. The main idea is whatever is said the opposite is meant to the next player that posts but what the next player posts can effect what was said before to change it or add onto it or whatever they want to do with it until it sticks to someone when a player decides to or you can keep that one going. Example: Poster 1: Your home is in fine condition. --- So he means his home is in terrible condition. Poster 2: It is no longer standing but atleast my pets aren't healthy. --- So he meant it's still standing and his pets are healthy. Poster 1: I didn't come and not take down your home. --- So he meant he came and took down his home. Poster 3: A tornado didn't blow your houses away and end there. --- So he meant a tornado came and blew away both of their houses and also ending that conversation having the next poster start a new one. I see how this can be confusing I apologize but try giving it a shot it might end up interesting I will start us off easy Your school doesn't have school days on weekends.
  2. Ps3guyguy

    Who Has Every Head!? :d

    Hey I was just wondering who else out there has all the head in Battleblock Theater including star heads! I have every single head so far so I was wondering who else does?
  3. So as I was creating levels thinking of obstacles I thought to myself, "what are other peoples' favorite obstacles?" They can be easy, they can be challenging, they can be puzzles, they can be throw-my-remote-out-the-window-then-break-everything-I-own hard, anything! Post images below I would have to say this obstacle is my favorite from my solo adventure playlist "Road Not Taken" Act1 Stage1 I like this obstacle I made because there is a flipper down below 4 blocks where the strawberry is that launches you to 3 gooey blocks on a wall and you must jump to a ladder then to another ladder while dodging grenades that come through a teleporter. Then to get the pie and strawberry you must turn off the fan making it so the grenade cat pushes himself back so grenades are no longer going through the teleporter but falling down but now landing on the flipper making it a new challenge to get back up. Finally you can go through the teleporter, kill the grenade cat, and grab your pie and strawberry, TADA! Credit to GoldenGhost on The Behemoth forums AKA Joybuzzer64 on YouTube for the photo of him playing my solo adventure playlist "Road Not Taken". Thanks dude!
  4. In all honesty if Castle Crashers came to PS4 I would buy it again along with the DLC, same goes with Battleblock Theater I'd buy it again but not including DLC cause it doesn't have any lol, it'd just be nice to play them again and go through it and what-not on a newer system that could run it even better than efore (and it already ran fantastically), I'm just saying is all it probably won't happen. I've been gone for a long time lol.
  5. Welcome to the new, official... Hooshmand ~The Wise!~ Thread!!! Here you can: -Discuss the head -Trade with others for the head -Name offers -Say if you have him or not -Etc. Rules: -No begging -No hate comments because you don't have it Have fun! Enjoy yourself!
  6. This thread is to show my own custom heads I am drawing Credit to GoodMudkip for starting a thread giving me the idea to make my own Will post them there too! (First draft drawn. Final draft computer edited.) Hedgey The Hedgehog Say hello to this little fellow! His name is Hedgey and is a pretty confident little guy. His favorite weapon is the ball (even though his hair pops the ball every time.) He loves company and will instantly become your backstabbing pal, just don't touch his hair, he doesn't like it when people mess it up.
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    [5/9/2014] Like Ms. Pacman, But With Cats.

    Thanks for the re-feature! Been gone a long time
  8. Hey I was wondering if anyone could edit the photo below putting the King, Star, Alien Hominid, and Castle Crashers head in it? I just can't >_< (And I need the name above it too thanks ) Thanks to anyone that can for me!
  9. Ps3guyguy

    [2/21/2014] Et Tu, Purrham?

    Thanks Behemoth and thanks everyone for the positive feedback!
  10. 63 heads yaaaay yaaaayyy yay Jk I'm proud of staying up to date to get my heads
  11. Ps3guyguy

    [2/14/2014] The Magic Of Organ-Theft!

    Congratz 8Bitten (CMoNeYno23)!
  12. Dang! Missed it! Sorry I couldn't make it, it was my birthday and my new baby cousin Decklan was born today!
  13. I could do it with you if you still need, just gotta renew my membership
  14. Lol, love the hate messages I got on Xbox 360 when getting featured, makes me laugh and shows me that it is challenging
  15. The Coop Feature is down again, tried playing with a friend lol
  16. Ps3guyguy

    Anyone Down To Do Fbf With Me?

    Requesting lock, I did it with V Pustote (I carried him through the entire playlist)
  17. Hey, anyone down to do the feature with me? I still need the head because I was waiting for the services to come back up. So anyone wanna do it with me right now? P.S. Having a headset would be nice as well lol
  18. Thanks for the second feature guys! Also thanks to everyone for the positive feedback! Love you all and The Behemoth!
  19. Hey, this thread is about my Game Of The Year and my Top 10 for 2013! Let's get started. My Game Of The Year is "The Last Of Us". I found this game to be the most emotional of all games this year. In my books games that have you attacked to the character and grab your emotions are extremely well done and this one does so. The second reason is the plot and storyline. I love intricate plots but this one wasn't so but made up for it with an amazing storyline. I love the connections with each character and emotions they show throughout the storyline as it goes along revealing more and more great stuff. My Top 10 1) The Last Of Us 2) Beyond: Two Souls 3) Bioshock Infinite 4) Grand Theft Auto 5 5) Battleblock Theater 6) Call Of Duty Ghosts 7) Battlefield 4 8) The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 1 - Would be my Game Of The Year if completely released, really good game, great Season 1 I loved it, can't wait for the rest of Season 2! 9) Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX - I love reliving these games, characters, and storyline so much! 10) Minecraft: Playstation 3 Edition There you are folks!
  20. Ps3guyguy

    Sickest Speakers Ever

    Hey, I just thought I would show you guys these speakers I got for Christmas; they are sick! It has lights in it that color up the water and it jumps up to the song. You can buy these at Spencer's. I got mine from Lileng though because it had the best reviews. Pay more for better quality, trust me. The ones I got are amazingly good compared to others.
  21. Ps3guyguy

    Sickest Speakers Ever

    But if the water came out there goes your PC D: The water can't come out and you can't put my in, it's completely sealed shut so that bacteria doesn't clog the spouts.
  22. Ps3guyguy

    Sickest Speakers Ever

    Aha, they are worth getting if you put your money into it. They do seem like they break easy. I have been careful with mine but they arent that big; they should fit on any desktop with ease.
  23. Hello everybody! I would like to share a video of GoldenGhost playing my solo adventure playlist "Road Not Taken"! I asked him to play it and give me feedback and I think he did a great job! I am going to put the video below His name on YouTube is Joybuzzer64, go watch his videos! I would like to thank GoldenGhost aka Joybuzzer64 for taking his time to go play my playlist for me and give me feedback, it helps a lot!