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  1. And I'd have to agree with that. I love bleach quite a bit, but it just wouldn't fit in the game...unless you used someone like Kon.
  2. OH MY GOD I LOVE YOU FOR POSTING THIS! This happened to me about either a week, or two weeks ago and I was not happy. I thought I was resetting my character, and it reset all of them and I was confused. Then it changed to a feeling of anger, but the New knights were out so I guess made up for half of it.
  3. A moderator said it'd be another week or two before they started doing anything about these threads. We don't have long. Besides, it's fun discussing it in my opinion.
  4. I know what you mean, but whats done is done. We will have to wait and see what they do about. It's not entirely in our power. So just sit back, and relax.
  5. Yeah, the XXXY combo does that with every character besides the 4 Knights and the Gray Knight. It's not a glitch. Whatever you say. I've never had it happen with any character. 100+ Damage seems a bit outrageous for a new character.
  6. Yes, you're doing the magic combo, it does alot more damage because it combines your magic with strength. I do it with Snakey alot. There isn't any magic happening, and it doesn't do this with a single other character. This has been happening since level 1 as well. :/ Edit: This is what happens, he does three swipes with his sword, then he pushes the sword (Vertically,) at them.
  7. For some odd reason I have the ability to do damages in the 100-200's with my blacksmith. I use the combo "XXXY" and he does (In order, and around this damage,) 12,14,12,150. Can someone explain this, please?
  8. My guess is that only, if not a few, 256'ers can have it as of right now. The reason being is that for some odd reason have obtain the next DLC earlier than us. Obviously there are things about the glitch that not everyone knows about, so I am willing to bet that the former 256'ers obtained it that way as of right now, personally.
  9. http://i54.tinypic.com/mue5hj.jpg I have never seen that picture, but it makes me want that lightning bolt oh so badly.
  10. Well two of my threads haven't been approved yet, and only 1 of them is related to this; so my issue is that when using my purple knight (Haven't used any others yet,) if I do the button combo XXXY, or something around that area, I do things like 108-118's. Which is highly unusual if you ask me, as I only put 1-3 xp. points on my character's atk. Does anybody know how to fix this? It's stopping me from really enjoying beating the living crap out of these A.I.
  11. Well I'm using the blade that is half covered in cloth (I hope you know which one I'm talking about, also I haven't used any others so I don't know if it only applies to this,) I'm still fairly low level but when I use YYX or something around that area it does a wopping 108 finale, and I don't have any xp. on my attack skill yet. Can somebody explain this? Thanks in advance.
  12. Well, I went into my characters to reset my 99 necro. And I accidentally reset my entire character list... -___- Y U PUT BUTTON IN SUCH BAD PLACE? T.T I feel bad now. Is there anyway I can recover my levels or am I completely, totally, and utterly screwed over?