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  1. Sorry for the MASSIVE delay,I was too busy for this. Anyway,here's the answers: Yes,but the counter on the other side expires,as well,BUT with at least 1 second delay,which gets worse(trying more than 2 tries makes it to get 30 second delay). Me,on the fast computer(NO,I AM NOT FAST AS YOURS),it's set to "always on". It's connected to Microsoft LX-3000 USB Microphone(which I disconnected later). And it's set to "Automatically transmit my voice whenever I speak". Answers: All set to default,except for in-game settings. It's set to "always on". Well,as I remember... Yes,I just start playing on the map where the cursors are on. The other user SEEMS to play correctly,and the user says "Hey,what are you doing there?". I see the recording(camera,of course),and realizes that I was doing random things. *Ahum* Yes,she(yes,her.) has entered new level with me,but on her screen,she is still at previous map. No,it was the map log recorded before,and after the desync glitch happens(after the first Alien Ship,it's all desynced). Yes,after the counter on MY side expires. *Offensive words removed* Correct. But both,me and my sister,uses common PS/2 keyboard. (no other controllers are connected,even secondary mouse) Usually on Single Player(AKA Local Game),there was a "( Back" on the right bottom corner of the screen. But in Online Multiplayer,it isn't! It just didn't let me go back to title screen! These are based on screen capture(sadly,screenshot which accidentally got formatted),and my memory. Thanks for your time,generous developers and staffs(and coders too)! -Phil p.s. The game was AWESOME!
  2. Last bug report said there was a desync glitch,yet it was fixed by resetting the connection. Today,that happened again. BUT it didn't happened on other maps. Today we played it again,with my sister who also owns CC,in same house. (so there is NO POSSIBLE CAUSES related to network problems) Network was really fine,no lag occurred anyway. We picked Alien Ship level,because it was needed to unlock further maps. Same thing happened again. Right after the timer started,the desync glitch occurred(3 second delay). While my sister is playing like normal on her computer,she was deactivating the force field(or laser curtain). But at the same time on my computer,I already deactivated it and I was preceeding to steam pipe part. So the timer here ran out,and I lost the game,but on my sister's computer,she was having 4 seconds left. She didn't had any lag,nor her computer's LAN card is bad. I am sure this is a bug,because on other maps,it didn't happened. If this is common on this part,please tell me the link to the solution! Cheers, SB98
  3. Imported from Steam Community post,that I wrote. Sorry if those sentences are not tidy and hard to understand,I am still not that good at English. Excuse me. If these issues have solutions available,rather than resetting entire game,please give me the solution OR the link to the solution,I beg you. 1."You-play-your-game-I-play-my-game" glitch "This is also VERY awkward glitch. While using voicechat,the connection goes crazy. Let's say we started game on Alien Ship,and the timer runs out,then I will get warped to level selection screen. This is normal. BUT this isn't. The timer ran out,but on the other side,it just started counting down. Also let's say the other side user pressed LEFT. On the map selection screen,I go to left. When the user press ENTER,I just play on random map. The user SEEMS to play correctly,like attacking enemy and getting items,but in reality,it isn't. I was STILL stuck in Alien Ship level,consuming HP and stuffs. Also the other user looks like he(she) used health potion,but he(she) really used bow. It just does everything messed up. Here's a log of map selection: <PLAYER 1> Dock Pirate Ship Desert Alien Ship Marsh Alien Ship Alien Ship <PLAYER 2> Dock Pirate Ship Desert Alien Ship --- --- --- Here's a log of item use: <PLAYER 1> Health potion Health potion Health potion Apple Apple <PLAYER 2> Health potion --- --- Apple Health potion BUT this is the log of other side: <PLAYER 1> Dock Pirate Ship Desert Alien Ship --- --- --- <PLAYER 2> Dock Pirate Ship Desert Alien Ship --- --- --- <PLAYER 1> Health potion Health potion Health potion Apple Apple <PLAYER 2> Health potion --- --- Apple --- The connection problem occurred at the point RIGHT AFTER Beefy Homid escapes. Plus the other side was having problems like disappearing items(after getting new weapon,previous weapon stays on the hand of player,like the user got nothing,but the notification says the user HAVE unlocked it)." 2. Miscellavous graphic glitches "1. Sometimes face graphic gets misplaced and appears on the chest of Beefy state enemy. 2. Unicorn Horn weapon has random texture before acquiring. 3. When the enemy gets "glided" out of water,the splash graphic appears instead of dust cloud." 3. Strange random glitch "On the level right before Catfish and after Abandoned Mill,there's a part where I(player) have to ride something in order to finish the game faster. I was just playing like normal,leveling up and stuff. BUT something gone wrong there; I got bounced off by one of those big fishes right before I jumped on an alligator(I don't think this does matter) Player got stuck between water and the thing(in this case,it was an alligator) I want to ride. The player's speed was same as "riding" state(swiftly fast),but player's animation was at "swimming" state. Also I couldn't attack anything,and boulders didn't work(only damages worked) as it didn't dismount the player from the thing he/she is riding. Somehow it fixed itself(got bounced off),but it was so embarrassing. (this is the second one; first one was "player-stuck-on-the-top-of-river" glitch on Catfish level. Also there was some other glitches as well,but it didn't affected gameplay. On Thieves' Forest,the part where river separates part between first Troll appearance and past parts,sometimes splash animation keeps appearing instead of dust. Sometimes it happened in reverse.) Downloaded latest release,and didn't used any cheats/hacks/whatever. I was playing Single player mode(AKA Local Game mode). No screenshots available(because I couldn't!)" 4. CC Minigame "All You Can Quaff" glitch "This is REALLY embarrassing glitch. I was playing Castle Crashers with my sister(yes,I paid),and started online multiplayer. I thought it would be funny to play some minigames,so I picked AYCQ. Well,one of Computer player was INSANELY FAST(can't even catch up with him,even with Keystroke Bot),and we always lost. BUT THAT IS NOT THE PROBLEM. Connection was REALLY fine,but...I couldn't exit to main menu. Even my sister was stuck in Press Start screen. I tried ESC but it didn't work,B key didn't work...and so on. Tried everything to exit to main menu. No luck. Googled about this,no luck. Tried surfing through official help and forums. No luck. I had to tell my sister to force close her game,and I was set free. Normally there's a red "B" button saying Back on bottom right corner,but there wasn't any. The only way to exit was ending the connection,by force closing the game(as you can see)." 5. "Level stuck" glitch "This happened on level,Home Castle. At the part RIGHT BEFORE Castle Keep,I was stuck in that level. LITERALLY. STUCK. IN. THAT. PART. NOT. BECAUSE. OF. MY. LEVEL. It looked like one of Barbarians stuck on the area unreachable,and the game locked me on that level because he was not dead. That was embarrassing! This is one of "rare" glitch I experienced. (because I never found any search results related to my glitches) Downloaded 1.4,plus never used cheats,hacks,and whatever. Just a small bug report. <EDIT> I was able to escape from the glitch by selecting Exit to map,and picking Castle Keep." I am really sorry to post everything at once,but I had no choice. Cheers, SB