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  1. I used to play that game, till they made it blatantly obvious all they care about is cash.
  2. Wat..? I know the people I play with are ex 256ers because they somehow posses 200 something potions and chug them in duels to their hearts content. I have no qualms with legitimate players and have plenty of 99s myself, so why would I quit? Also no need to go around thinking people deem you as intelligent for using basic grammar on the interwebs, I use it fine myself but I don't make a big deal out of it and act like it makes me superior to people who don't, they're just using the faster method. The paragraphing was my bad, the threads I'm usually browsing nowadays don't care about that sort of thing, so my apologies for forgetting. But I cringe every time I see someone act all elitist about that sort of thing.
  3. Are you sure you aren't simply mistaking it for the wooden sword? If it actually is the 2x4, I'd be very thankful if someone gave it to me as it's the only weapon I don't have.
  4. Hmm! I'm curious where you concluded this data from. Is this number based on the perception of the players that end up joining your game? Did you the check leaderboards and average an equation between the dropoff at certain points between the 2,990,000 players? If the average player is around level 20-30, there are a lot of factors that could contribute to this. A lot of friends play alongside someone and after the experience is over they are done playing, or done playing that character. Remember that once you switch you'd have to play even more time than the old character to have a new entry on the leaderboards. It's possible people play many more times but they are not getting more experience points than their first run due to no grinding. Many people are just hearing about Castle Crashers, or picking it up for the first time today! I actually level characters to the point where they'd be decent for the arena (weapon requirements) and stop at that point. Thanks for the post Dan, I didn't expect a staff member to respond to this. What I meant was the average player I meet in-game, I am unsure of the average on the leaderboards but it wouldn't help me here since alot of the players on the leaderboards may have stopped playing. One factor I'd say contributes to people staying stuck at lower levels may be the fact that most players seem unaware of the fact that you must return to the map to retain any experienced earned while playing, and often a player will leave mid level causing the game to end for everyone. However, I think it is mostly just the majority of long term players have simply stopped playing. It seems unlikely to me that alot of players simply reset their data, seeing as the majority of the players I am paired up with have a very low weapon and pet count and I'm sure a long term player could rack those up fairly easily, it seems much more likely to me that they are just new players. But why have so many of the older castle crashers left?
  5. Yeah I should've added people who just sit around in the lobby kicking people to my list of Castle Crashers players I meet.
  6. Which was part of my question. That still doesn't make it any less bizarre that finding a single high level is an extreme rarity. Surely there are still people who like the game enough to play it regularly. Wasn't being elitist, sorry if I bent your epeen as I can tell you are that kind of person judging the fact that you bring up rep to a casual forum user, are very hostile on an honest question, and go all paragraph nazi on me. Nobody told me I was wrong, this isn't a topic that even asks for a you're right or you're wrong response, again read the thread, you are obviously just bored and looking for hostility, I am not new to the internet. I only called YOU a troll because your post was very unhelpful and hardly related to the question, mostly just criticism because of some false sense of entitlement. Maybe you should take a second to think of something less hostile before you post, and try being helpful, I won't respond to anything further that is just looking for a negative response. What does that even have to do with what you quoted. Sorry if my post gets messed up, not sure how quoting works on this forum.
  7. 1. Four years. 2. Choice? They've chosen to keep every character below 30 for four years..? 3. Looking for things to troll about. 4. Never said it was and this just makes me think you didn't read because of #3. not everyone had the game for four years, and as true said people reset data Everyone did? I highly doubt that, what I'm saying is why can't I find a single person with a higher leveled character that didn't use some form of glitch or hack.
  8. 1. Four years. 2. Choice? They've chosen to keep every character below 30 for four years..? 3. Looking for things to troll about. 4. Never said it was and this just makes me think you didn't read because of #3.
  9. I mean to say, the average player's highest leveled character seems to be around 10-30 (XBL), yet the game has been out for 4 years. Why aren't there many players with legitimate 99s now? All I see is: Noobs (10-30 range, I usually feel compelled to use my few level 30 characters I hate in order to stay fair, but it makes it very hard to enjoy the game), Hackers (10-30 range probably with Hatty and maxed stats yet still manages to do poorly, usually flaunts their stats for 30 seconds at the beginning of the game acting like anyone is impressed), or Ex-256ers (all characters 99 with gold skulls and spams 200+ health kits and bombs in duels, usually flaunts like hacker and also plays very poorly). It saddens me how slowly the community has progressed. I can get a 99 legitimately in 2-3 hours juggling at the thieves forest on insane mode (got my Blacksmith to 99 on the day after his release) yet I still can't manage to find anyone else with a 99 after 4 years. Nobody I see has beaten insane mode on even a single character either, yet I solo'd insane mode with my Beekeeper with relative ease. Half the time I try playing Arena (which I do often since I can be fair while still using my favorite characters) the host gets upset when I choose a level 99, because apparently it still isn't common knowledge that everyone has the same stats in Arena regardless of level. Did all the older players give up on this game or something? I mean I'm glad were getting so many new people to add to the community, but what gives? I'd just like to see some experienced players for a change.
  10. I agree with the op, insane mode is just too easy. I can solo insane mode, seriously the game isnt really difficult enough as long as you arent a terrible juggler, and I support any attempts to make it more difficult.
  11. Dont upgrade your strength till 99 if your trying to level your character, then just go to the thieves forest with full potions and juggle the trolls at the end. You will get levels in no time if you know how to juggle well so you dont get killed by the trolls.
  12. I highly agree with the person who said level 50 and white skulls. Your basically punishing the players who have all their characters with gold skulls legit by making them appear like nothing more than 256 glitchers in the public eye. Not only that, but your rewarding people who used a glitch that took no work and giving them your biggest fans dreams of getting basically every character 99 with gold skulls. There is now officially no point in doing that seeing as everyone will just assume your a 256 glitcher. Seriously enough pitying the 256 glitchers, I used to have the glitch but I reset my characters after seeing how game breaking it was, and I know it might affect me to have them set to a lower level but I would gladly get reset if it meant fixing the game once and for all. If you think more then around 2-3% of the 256rs got that way by accident you obviously know little about the glitch, in order to do it you have to have 2 xbox live gold accounts in the lobby and then have your second profile leave at the last second of the countdown, theres no way thats an accident more then 3% of the time. In short just derank them and get rid of the gold skulls, please just do it, its whats fair to the legit players which is who you should be caring about.