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  1. Need help i'm stuck on final boss my psn is tstorm18 i have level 99 red knight
  2. I asked behemoth if they are going to come out with him soon and they have no plans so will we have to wait another 7 months like xbox did for the pink knight?
  3. Does that mean battle block theater is coming out on ps3
  4. When do you think blacksmith will come out for ps3 and when hatty will come out?
  5. If its like alien hominid then is battleblock theater coming out for the ps3
  6. i want the purple knight and hatty
  7. Well, they were also fixing the 256 glitch, adding the Blacksmith pack, the Hatty pack, a few new arena modes, and all that such-n-such. I doubt it would take as much as seven months. Of course, I could be wrong. I hope it does come out soon with Hatty