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  1. Night at the Museum + Chuck e Cheese's + Horror genre?
  2. I go on there sometimes but only do random battles. Or I use my metronome team of 6 arceus' with metronome and assist against a friend doing the same thing :I
  3. Damn you're like a megaman master. You ever play those fighting games? Those were some of my favorites even though it was basically a fighting game with mega man characters. Oh yea, I forgot about those. Yes, as part of the Anniversary Collection you can play Megaman: The Power Battle and Power Fighters. They were fun to play with a friend since they were short and pretty easy.
  4. Why would you need a fire blanket, wouldn't it be warm enough already?
  5. I have played Megaman 1-8 since I have the Anniversary Collection. I didn't care for 7 and 8 because of how different it was but I did still like 8. 3 is my favorite from that series I had it when I was younger and really liked the way you fought the masters from 2 as well. I didn't play 9 and 10. I have played all of the Battle Networks. Really liked those games and, ironically, 3 was my favorite from those too. I liked the new game+ system for BN4 but didn't like the game and I never cared for BN5 because I sucked at the liberation missions. Played Starforce 1 & 2. DIdn't like them for being a less dynamic, simpler version of BN. The only other one I've played is X2 for gameboy color. I eventually beat it but that game was so hard.
  6. Same with me. Haven't played sticker star but didn't hear great things. Didn't like SPM compared to the other two for it not keeping the style from the other two, but I did play the entire game and did almost everything there was to do so I can't say it was all bad. LIked PM64 and TTYD is my favorite game of all time. I'm pretty sure I played that game more than any other. I think I was about level 64 which is high considering how long it takes to level up at higher levels.
  7. I'm best at RPGs probably because they are my favorite genre and if I get time to think then I feel like I can overcome any obstacle. That being said it's mostly turn-based RPGs. Next would be a handful of shooters, but I have to like the game to get good at it. Otherwise I get pretty good at any game if I put some time into it. Except racing and fighting games, I suck at those.
  8. My bad, I just assumed without reading that we were just posting quotes. I didn't mean to cast dispersion or disrupt the game.
  9. Metroid Prime: Path of Radiance Metroid Prime and Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance
  10. 1. Marsh 2. Full Moon 3. Desert 4. Lava World 5. Snow World
  11. 1. The Necromancer fight is the hardest but the Corn boss is the hardest boss if you fight it legit. I always cheese it with arrows. 2. Groom 3. Frost king just because it takes a long time. The icicles don't do much damage so the fight isn't very difficult. 4. Troll mom 5. Cyclops only because he does very high damage The rest are pretty easy.
  12. Broccoli is best for level one through twenty then it's the snakey mace and dual pronged sword thing the brute has.
  13. I didn't play Demon's Souls but I was huge into Dark Souls despite getting it very late. I didn't know what to expect but I quickly became very interested and played it quite a lot. That being said I was greatly looking forward to the second one. Well, I can say Dark Souls 2 is rather disappointing. It's still a good game and certainly did some things right, but overall I would say it's worse than its predecessor.
  14. I am looking for a way to transfer the save data from a flash game and move it to another computer. I searched for a method and found one, but it only allows me to find save data that exists through games that manually save to files within the game. The particular game that I need autosaves and the file doesn't appear where the others do. If anyone knows of a way to this or has any advice it would be greatly appreciated. The original method I found online was to show hidden folders then follow this path: C:\Users\"account name"\AppData\Roaming\Macromedia\Flash Player\#SharedObjects\random letters and numbers Once there the list of websites appear that have save data for flash games but the one I need is not part of it. If it matters, here's the specific game I need: http://babarageo.com/flash/ginormo/