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  1. Alien Hominid? They could launch it through steam...I mean a LOT of indie developers are.
  2. Why not both PC and XBOX360? Considering the game will be made on PC(or MAC) Why not Zoidberg?
  3. Well I say 1-5 years because I will eventually replace it with something better/bigger I am a serious novice/intermediate artist, and would like to do more than just sketches and doodles.
  4. As an artist, would you recommend an intuos4 MEDIUM or LARGE tablet to someone who wants to start making some serious art? (and I mean much more serious than serioustown) Okay maybe nothing is more serious than serioustown, but this is something I will be using for the next good 2-5 year period. As a poor student, I need to know if its worth making the $100+ jump in difference, and drawing with a mouse is very discouraging after seeing the difference between mouse art and tablet art. Thanks in advance!
  5. This mourning just proves how awesome BBT is. Even if the game isn't out.
  6. Definately a Prisoner Cell would be nice. It would also be nice if it were out for the PC. I mean, if its for XBOX, isn't it not hard to make it for the PC as well? The art IS in flash, and I am guessing the game is programmed from ActionScript OR using XNA + C#(which lets you make games for XBOX360 and PC) Meh dreams are dreams. edit: Actually I think a PC version would be ridiculously awesome. Especially If you could connect with other XBOX360 users (which I think can't happen). I don't personally have an XBOX360 myself (my brother has it but he doesn't live with me), I would usually go to a friends house quite often to play CC and stuff. Hoping, still.
  7. Roy, your birthday is coming up? Sweet~ I just need to know what to spell out the birthday candles for.. The happiest birthday boy or girl? Its gonna be on the balloons too. Rainbow balloons! And a rainbow cake! RAINBOW PRESENTS! But in order for ALL THIS LOVING THINGS to happen, you must answer both questions to receive the best birthday evar!* EVAR! *this is all a ploy to find out what you are. No birthday will be provided at any condition. By not answering or not not answering this question, you agree to abide by the 'no birthday will be thrown for you' agreement.
  8. lol I asked the same (very similar) question a while ago, never got the answer I was really looking for. Lucky you, chilljester! Well there you go, that is kind of how people "teach" others there way of doing things, by simply watching people do it. I learned how to make pretty accurate castle crashers style characters just from watching Dan himself make them. I warn you though, Chilljester, only do this if you have no experience about drawing and animiating in Flash or whatever you are doing. Dan is absolutely right in every way about drawing like him. If you haven't, start drawing characters... unique ones! on paper! Don't do it on computer, its much harder that way. Also, once you get the feel for your character, you can expand on it and create a world for it. For me, and probably Dan Paladin, I've spent years drawing the same kind of character on paper (in class, at home) in different poses, costumes, emotions, etc. And if there is anything significant about doing it over and over for years on, its that my character has developed greatly and went through many changes, become better looking (not necessarily better graphics) than it was when I first came up with the design. Don't force yourself to do this, however. Do it when you are bored or really have a desire to create your own, unique character copyrighted by Chilljester. Cool name, btw. Both of you. Chilljester, if you look in this topic, you will find almost all of Dan Paladin's working videos. Use them to learn, not copy: viewtopic.php?f=9&t=13309 scroll down a bit for the list WELL thank you Chilljester for getting Dan's attention, thank you Dan for those "tips" (which is actually the biggest help I will ever get). The hardest part about learning to draw and animate is probably getting good help and education. Also, one question for Dan: Is there a huge difference between Intuos Medium and Large? I don't want to spend the extra $100+ for a large, but if it really makes a huge difference then I'm gonna have to start pack ratting...
  9. thats why you fire all 3 of them and hire 3 more. Repeat the process till the slot machine gets 7,7,7
  10. Dowitz

    Concept Art

    There foreheads? Hmm that is a question that has to do with the story behind them. Dot in their eyes? I purposely made it so they don't have pupils. Looks odd when they have pupils.
  11. Hello, Great stuff you got there. Keep up the fantastic work you have been doing! I do want to point out that later on when you are actually making the games, you do have to watch out for spelling and grammar errors. I know, I know, it sucks, but trust me, that really reduces the overall quality of any idea. It reduces the effectiveness of communication (which is so important!). And your is still great!
  12. Here are an idea: In game achievement: "Your not level 50!" - Cause an enemy to die by pressing X,X,X,Y,Y.
  13. Dowitz

    Concept Art

    Mouse drawing sux! I tried my best to finally bring my characters to some 2D life: Feedback please! (I tried making them have dark clothes but it didn't work out)
  14. Dowitz

    Pixel art

    Wow this is really great art, especially for pixel.
  15. So I was right?! AND by the way Ruaridoll is very creepy (in a good way she could be a millionaire with that creepyness) the research I did gave me nightmares T_T my heart stopped for a second when I saw one of her 'make up faces'. But very professional looking, and just wayyyyy too creepy.
  16. herp. derp. This sums of the equation of life, and the the answer answer to to this this topic topic.
  17. I like to stay out of the traditional thoughts and ideas. Now about the bonus rounds, why make the winners suffer? Well, why should the losers suffer? Its a game! Meaning, you are supposed to have fun! Losing is not fun, and can sometimes make frustrating situations into even more frustrating situations. SO we give the losers a pat on the back and say "Hey, you lost. Get over it, suckers!" wait wrong video clip "Better luck next time! Seriously, in 30 seconds." So why make people suffer in a game? Its bad enough they lost! Also, its more of a redemption round and a legit filter. Did the winners cheap their way out? Were they really THAT good? Maybe it was a close call and they lose because of bad luck, when they should have won? That is what the bonus round is for.
  18. Thanks! I will continue to work on my art skills. No more feedback though? Anything to point out? I think the left side of the knight's helmet is a little "off"
  19. I know they have been posted up somewhere already, but I would like to make tweaks to them: Monster Match An arena of competition! Hopes and dreams shattered for the lust of one goal: The gem! An epic tale between 20 players or less! (10 v 10) In this match, you must capture the enemy gem and secure it. Pretty simple right? Wrooooong! You are worthless in comparison! Eh oh I can't do that? sorry. But what's this?! The point of the match is NOT to capture the enemy gem. Once you capture the enemy gem, you turn into a giant monster of destruction! With impressive arms and ripped body, you have a short period of time to destroy as much enemies can you. When you are in monster mode, each enemy defeated by you will earn your team a point. While you are a monster, you are harder to kill and you deal more damage and move somewhat faster than normal. There will be random upgrades to make the game even more hectic! Damage boost, Speed boost, Invisibility (for a short time), health packs and Death packs that make you explode after a short amount of time, damaging everyone around you! At the end, you play a bonus round! Fate can be changed! But whats this? Unfair!? Poor sports! The losers of the match all turn into monsters and fight the winners, who are normal, doomed prisoners. The winners must fight until they defeat one of the losers, while the losers get a point for a 3 winners they defeat. No Power ups. Security Mode: The cages have opened! The plan is in place! The prisoners, I hope, will soon have their escape! A fight to the bitter end between 10 prisoners and 10 guards! (or less) A random portal will spawn in the map. The security guards must keep all prisoners from entering that portal at any cost! The prisoners must escape by entering the portal! Every time someone enters the portal, it will teleport itself to a random spot on the map. The security guards will know where it is by an arrow on their screen, but the prisoners will not. They must race to the new teleporter and keep prisoners out! The round ends after the entire prisoner team makes it through or until time runs out. Each time a prisoner makes it through, they earn a point. Know that each successful escape makes it more difficult for the prisoners, as they lose one team member in exchange for a point. At the end of a few rounds, it goes into half time, in which the roles are switched for each team. As with Monster Match, upgrades. The upgrades are different, however. There is only 1: Disguise-o-hat! The unbelievable, the outrageous hat that turns you into another player! Oh but not just any other player, oh no, into your best friend! The best of friends! Your enemy! Prisoners will look like 1 random Security guard, with their name, looks, and hat. Security guards will look like 1 random prisoner, color and all. They can still attack other players as normal, but the point is to fool them for a bit to gain an advantage. This lasts until they die or escape/round over. BUT WAIT! I LOVE BONUS ROUNDS! A game of tag, perhaps? The winners, who become prisoners, must run away from the losers, the security, for 1 full agonizing minute! If the losers manage to tag all the winners within 1 minute, they gain 1 point for each winner they tagged! (match size can vary). Please, some feedback! For BattleBlock Theater! If you guys like it, I may upload more!