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  1. Actually, he wouldn't be that different... Besides, he is the only truly unique character... Besides hatty x3 DoT goes a long way. He would make orange knight look so bad
  2. Guys how op would green knight be if he had normal melee?
  3. Same as me lol. Had so much on xbox but now I'm on steam. Almost got a maxed industrialist now though
  4. Thanks for the info. I just made my steam last week so I don't know much about it
  5. Like, anyone? I usually solo campaign but I want to do some arena sometimes. So just wondering if there's anyone with cc on steam who wants to play sometime
  6. Cant base that off 1 guy. You do lose skill if you have the raw strength to kill the wizard in insane mode in 30 seconds solo
  7. So years ago, I got the 256 glitch. Back then, I was horrible at the game. I never pressed the x button. 256 was great for a time, until I wanted to have a sense of accomplishment. I started resetting single characters that I wanted to use and played like that for a while. Earlier this year, I reset my stats completely. It was the best thing I could have done. In addition to that, I just ditched my xbox on Christmas and now I play on steam so I started over again. Just start all over. Its not that bad. P.S. 256s suck really bad. I had a level ~70 orange knight and played online with a 256 industrialist and level 26 necromancer. When we fought, I had more trouble with the necromancer.
  8. Just beat up to and including medusa. Updating guide shortly.
  9. Thanks. Ill add in to be wary of the snakeys' magic jumps. And what makes the skeletons in the marsh so hard is that you have so little space. And definitely that troll mum got me in the thieves forest but is easy in the marsh
  10. Thanks. Idk if you saw but I messed up and posted this two times before without finishing. Its hard from my phone lol
  11. If you're still having trouble or you want to get better at solo, check out my guide. Its Insane mode-stage by stage.
  12. Hey I just created a guide that's stage by stage. Its only up to marsh right now but I bet it could help you with industrial castle. My thread is called Insane mode- stage by stage.
  13. I'm sorry this was my third attempt at posting this. As I said in the beginning, I'm on my phone. This one is the right one.