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  1. The day has arrived! All heads are now unlocked for the general populace. Seeing all those beautiful prisoners able to get safely back to the boat now brings a tear to my blocky eyeballs. Congrats to all those who join me in having freed all the prisoners. It feels so good, I just might have to do this.... *unbuckles pants*
  2. Gentlemen. The day has arrived. I tip my unicorn to you all.
  3. The playlist is up. Its called Game Over by Konster Monster
  4. Yay! New playlist! Congrats again MisterrQuentin! Disappointed a bit about the lack of a new head, but I can live with it, my will is strong! What will the last mystery 3 heads be???!?!?!
  5. Still available. I just got mine Pretty stoked I didn't miss out on this one he's a keeper.
  6. This is actually a fantastic idea. You can do most of the co-op levels Solo utilizing the Acid Bubble/Dart but this sure beats waiting around for a capable teammate.
  7. If you want to add me: DeadMemories, I still need to A++ the Bonus levels of Chapter 7, as well as most of the level from 8-4 on up. I was playing with Undead 935, but my work schedule picked up after Christmas and we just find couldn't find the time to play together and finish. Now that he and Backup are both finished, I could use a partner to try and jam through the last couple of levels.
  8. Hooray for 2 new heads! Not sure what Meebs is, but I sure do like the looks of Swamp Bro. Dont worry Meebs I still love you. <3
  9. I've been secretly hoping for another tiny head prisoner. I don't really care what it is as long as the head is tiny.
  10. Congrats on finishing the playlist man! Sounds like all the effort was worth it
  11. "If you have to beat a playlist I'll beat it with one account, trade the head, and then beat it again with the same account to re-earn the head." By beat it again, I'm assuming you mean just complete the finale again? Thanks for the info Backup! Requesting lock since my question has been adequately answered.
  12. So, just a quick question. I've noticed in multiple threads now that people are stating that they have multiple copies of Star heads for trade. HOW IS THIS ACHIEVED? The easiest explanation for me is that someone could have multiple Live accounts and then just sign in on them to transfer a head when needed, but with some of the number people are posting, I'm wondering if you can somehow stack multiple copies of the same head with the same account, or if some of the special unlocks can be unlocked multiple times. For example, I have Alien Hominid on the Xbox and the corresponding head has been unlocked for me. If I trade the Alien head away, will I be awarded a new one if I restart BBT or is it gone for good? Ditto for a head unlocked by completing a feature. Cheers to anyone who might be able to shed some light on this.