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  1. I suggest doing it on your own if you're good enough. It saves soooo much time and frustration to just do it with a second controller plugged in. or even someone that wants the a++ have them stand at the start of the map. That's what I did and that's how I helped people too. lol

    This is actually a fantastic idea. You can do most of the co-op levels Solo utilizing the Acid Bubble/Dart but this sure beats waiting around for a capable teammate.

  2. That would be great, as I am only 13 levels away (Goshdangit backup, having coop done already)

    If you want to add me: DeadMemories, I still need to A++ the Bonus levels of Chapter 7, as well as most of the level from 8-4 on up.

    I was playing with Undead 935, but my work schedule picked up after Christmas and we just find couldn't find the time to play together and finish. 


    Now that he and Backup are both finished, I could use a partner to try and jam through the last couple of levels.

  3. I am so happy because if the head came out  earlier I would not have been able to get cecil literally a half-hour ago.(thank the battleblock theater gods in the sky)I was soo happy I was crying :cry: .I think it might be a head that resembles a cat.(Just a wild guess,literally wild guess,maybe a lion or something).

    Congrats on finishing the playlist man! Sounds like all the effort was worth it :-D

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  4. So, just a quick question. I've noticed in multiple threads now that people are stating that they have multiple copies of Star heads for trade.


    The easiest explanation for me is that someone could have multiple Live accounts and then just sign in on them to transfer a head when needed, but with some of the number people are posting, I'm wondering if you can somehow stack multiple copies of the same head with the same account, or if some of the special unlocks can be unlocked multiple times.

    For example, I have Alien Hominid on the Xbox and the corresponding head has been unlocked for me. If I trade the Alien head away, will I be awarded a new one if I restart BBT or is it gone for good? Ditto for a head unlocked by completing a feature.

    Cheers to anyone who might be able to shed some light on this.

  5. I don't think that this is needed...


    Agreed. If anything it's way to soon for a thread like this. There's plenty of time left for people to man up and do it properly.  It's supposed to be challenging.

    I think giving out free heads ruins the whole point of the Feature not to mention underscores the hard work somebody put in to design and test these levels for YOU (the player).

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  6. Finished this one today for the second time now that its featured! Great stuff as usual MisterrQuentin. What a great start to the new year of features.

    The best part of all was the collective "What the F*** is that?" my friends and I yelled after unlocking Cecil.

    Only nine more star heads til my collection is complete :shock:


    Edit: OH YES! I wanted to add that I really liked the creative use of the Soccer ball in some of these puzzles. I've been wanting to try some things like that in my created levels but wasn't sure if it would affect where the playlists get sorted into when I FINALLY get around to uploading them :)

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  7. Instead of making a new topic, I think you could have just posted on the old one. I'm no level 10 high wizard of the forums, but I'm pretty sure that it's better to bump than post another topic.

    That's fair. I just figured since the last active post on that thread was sometime in September, I didn't want to blow the dust off something that had already been buried.

    Also, the other thread I mentioned was a "Top 10 Favorite Heads". I was hoping for people to be a little more specific, to avoid somebody just listing 10 star heads since they are all so awesome. Thanks for the suggestion though :)

    P.S. I would have loved to know what your favorite heads are ;P

  8. Hey folks, I checked to see if there was another thread about this but could only find one with a sad 4 posts. :(

    I was interested in what everyones favorite prisoner heads are! I know its difficult to choose just one (at least for me it is) so I think it would be easiest to just name one, two or a few :) from each category.

    Prisoner Chart for reference:

    I'll start.

    Circle Head: Eyeball, Mustached Gentleman

    Square Head: Heart Glasses 4 life!  Honorable mention to the upset looking fellow to his right (er, I guess it's left on the chart). It's fun to switch back and forth between those two guys to show some emotion :)

    Triangle Head: Ice Cream Sundae, Wannabe King (or the true king?!?!?)

    Cylinder Head: Big Lips Cyclops, Floating Brain guy

    Star Head: Snail, Gerard, Tiny Cyclops. That was tough.

  9. The fact that anyone thought this "hoax" was real has me shaking my head.

    The fact that there is another whole "OMG BIG REVEAL" thread to discuss this has me shaking my head.

    The fact that this thread is just a glorified circle jerk amongst you fellows has me shaking my head.

    The fact that I've typed shaking my head thing too many times now has me shaking my head.

    Dag yo. My head hurts. This is too real for me.