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  1. I like to go in the gift shop and constantly...celebratory crouch while dodging weapons. I also enjoy lighting up the first green light for someone when they try to trade for my star heads, before sitting there and never confirming. Best of all, slide pushing an AFK (AFC?) player to the top right corner and constantly throwing them up into the air. I feel like I'm giving my prisoner a workout o.O
  2. As a person who has gotten every single star head legit, I'm a little miffed about Hooshmad, but I'll get over it. I was hoping for a new star head today, but it makes sense given the low number of star heads left that they are going to start spacing them out a bit. Well, time to prepare for the influx of noobs from the holiday season. O Joy!
  3. Brady, your threads make my head hurt. The whole first post is one giant run on sentence. Regardless of how "good" the idea may be...this would never be able to happen for all of the reasons stated above. Also, you know full well that if they added a head editor, within a few days everyone would be running around with heads that look like dongs and b-holes. Don't deny it.
  4. Even though this thread seems like it got Necro'ed, I'll bite. I've been meaning to post somewhere to get some level time testers before I upload my playlist. Here goes. -Playlist Name: Whats Your Boggle (Demolition Man reference, ) - Note, I haven't uploaded it yet, hoping to get some testers to help iron out the A++ timing -Playlist Type: Adventure -Pictures: Coming soon -Adventure Type: Solo -Playlist Difficulty: Advanced - I tried to aim more for fun and themes than difficulty. There is definitely a increase in difficulty as you progress, but most of the experienced BBT'ers shouldn't have too much of a problem with the obstacles -Gem Levels Created: 9, Each level contains a full count of 7 gems. -Timed Levels Created: 5 -Secret Level Created: 1 -Story: Not really any story, but each level has a fairly obvious theme -General Level Size: Big, everything is 40x30 -General Level Feel: You got some space, some parts are a little cramped -Shared Color Scheme: Nope. Again, going for themes with these levels -Favorite level so far: Probably the Heartbreak Bogle, trying to get your original companion buddy... to the end is a fun challenge i think. Hit me up if you would like to help me test out some of these times! GT: DeadMemories
  5. Awesome! I was briefly worried when I read the category name, but there are only 2 nominees. This game beats the pants off of Gears: Judgment. Even if they did buckle em!
  6. Ah, pieces come together now. Welcome Krang. This guy's legit. Aye! Thanks Backup, I enjoyed our Insane mode session the other night
  7. I'd be down to help as long as you don't mind going for A++'s I have all the chapters unlocked have A++'ed all the levels up to chapter 5. I play almost every evening past 630 Pacific time. GT: DeadMemories I'd also extend this offer to anyone wanting to A++ the Insane Coop levels Please disregard this if you are a small child. Nothing personal.
  8. This was a great playlist! And a cool star head to boot!
  9. I had a chance to play this one last night. Fun stuff! I really enjoyed how you made use of the colored blocks to show the natural path. And just the right amount of difficulty.
  10. So, is there a new head for this playlist too?
  11. Every time I try to host a Furbottom's Features Co-Op game, I recieve a message about the "Battleblock Theater Service" not being available. The issue only began with this new set of Features that released this past Friday (11th) Hosting a story or Arena game works as expected. Anyone else getting this?