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  1. I'm getting the Master Chief Collection, Speedrunners (hopefully this Friday), Shovel Knight, and maybe Advanced Warfare and the Borderlands Pre-Sequel. For DLC wise, I want to get Super Ultra Dead Rising 3 Arcade Remix Hyper Edition EX Plus Alpha DLC for Dead Rising 3. (Yes, that's it's actual name if you don't know. Good thing there's Copy and Paste.)
  2. Horatio's moustache is one of the most majestic things I have ever witnessed. My vote goes to him . Can't wait for game 4! Looks like you nailed yet another genre!
  3. (Comes back to forums to see what is going on; sees this topic and wanted to know who is still active; soon realizes its mostly bumps and cartoon characters t-bagging each other) Maybe I'll come back in a few more months Also, so this post isn't off-topic, anyone who has been active for at least a month and can be recognized by most of the people on the forums is what I consider a "well-known member." The real question that is most important is that what are you "well known" for, and why?
  4. I'll take rubber handled and 2x4 if its still available. gt gman5326
  5. I got hacked and they erased my Black Ops 2 level. Just gave me another thing to put on my the list of reasons why I hate CoD. Oh well, the $6.00 I got back from GameStop made it not a total waste.
  6. Haven't been here for a while. 66
  7. Wouldn't that say seseven? Its not as catchy as sk8ing.