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  1. Shadowdragon345

    [25-Oct-13] Time To Add A Punch Of Color

    I like the challenge of the arena's, and the head is pretty cool.
  2. Shadowdragon345

    Most Annoying Enemies?

    Agreed, the speed those things move at is unnatural and unfair.
  3. Shadowdragon345

    Castle Crashers Bosses

    The Necromancer himself is a cake walk, but that second wave....
  4. Shadowdragon345

    Favourite Animal Orb?

    I am a big fan of Piggy. He is great in insane mode, much less need to health potion overtime.
  5. Shadowdragon345

    Castle Crashers Bosses

    The Groom will always have a place in mind, but the Necromancer has given me trouble lately.
  6. Shadowdragon345

    Gold Skull Count

    Gotten 1 golden skull with my Red Knight, working on the Green, Industrialist, and the Necromancer. Jaredman89, if your on xbox, I would be happy to help you insane mode!