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  1. Hey! I'm TympanicFoot930 I was in a Feature with: Arena Of Winter Aside from that one, there are MORE arenas that I have made like: The "Arena of Seasons" Series. That includes: Arena of Spring, Arena of Summer, Arena of Fall and Arena of Winter. The "Battleblock Theater Secret Arena" Series that includes BlockRumble, FightCube and SquareCombat ...and Violent Earth

  3. I didn't got the Troll head, no matter what. But I already changed my Toast just to get it. Why did the head didn't showed up?
  4. Needs: Troll Head Trades: 100-250 Gems or Normal Heads. Gamertag: TympanicFoot930
  5. Needs: Troll Head Trades: 100-250 Gems or Normal Heads. Gamertag: TympanicFoot930
  6. I think that if the playlist is: Original+Some Challenges+Fancy Names gives more chances of being in Furbottom's Features
  7. I heard that playlist a lot, bu do you know a playlist that you just LOOOOOVE, but nobody knows it exists. :c I was like that until "Arena of Winter" was a Feature.
  8. You should! Its very fun. :3 You just need "The Eye" to see what will work nice. (Also the Mirror Option )
  9. Which one is easier to do for you? In my opinion (And I think a lot of people has noticed) that I'm better doing Arenas than Adventure Levels. But maybe YOU or someone else is better at doing Adventure Playlist. Leave here your opinion of which one is easier.
  10. The Community Playlist "FightCube" is out and test-able.

  11. "Insane Carnival" has arrived to the BattleBlock Theater!

  12. Ladies and gentlemen, Boys and ghouls, Step right up! Welcome! To the Greatest Show Unearthed! The Insane Carnival will come to town soon!

  13. I have heard about that Playlist, its in "The Behemoth Recommends" I was saying about a Unknown Playlist.
  14. I'm pretty sure that ALL around the Community Theater are some awesome playlist, but they don't have the attention deserved. If you know a playlist you just love, but you see that it has 4-7 Views. Say it here! You can even say your old playlist that have low views. I remembered there was one Playlist called "halloween" that was an Arena, but just with SoulCatcher levels. I love its Halloween-y design with pumpkins and stuff. But I don't remember its creator for now. I'll post it later when I get some time. :c