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  1. Foxes

    Contest Help

    This is not specific or even related to the Behemoth & their games, just trying to reach out a great community for help by getting votes for my Cat.. haha. So if possible, if you have the 5 seconds to give a vote, it would be much appreciated. Even more so, if you shared and passed it on. Here the site, (just a local mall's contest) Thanks - Jake Ralph (Foxes)
  2. Was Hooshmand a one day release? Imma post this everywhere till I get a response. ER'WHERE
  3. Foxes

    New: Abc&d Halloween Contest!

    I wish I had those tools.. I used one of these.. took forever haha.
  4. Foxes

    Free Star Heads For Everyone!

    (random 5th post.. do ignore)
  5. and now we know who the NSA really works for.. DUN DUN DUN
  6. Foxes

    New: Abc&d Halloween Contest!

    I'm not sure how to upload photos! Clearly I'm new at this, even though I'm checking this site er'week.
  7. Foxes

    [Solved]Forum Not Working ?

    Post post post. Im new.