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  1. HOLY CRAP HE REPLIED THATS LIKE.....well... umm... AWESOME! but yeah dan i know what you mean so i guess ill just keep my chin up and practice during math
  2. Hi Dan HUGE huge fan and i was wondering how do you draw the way you do? Can you give me some tips i wish i could draw BBT like characters and CC. Thanks and one more question... What inspired you guys at behemoth for BBT i mean it looks awesome just wish my parents would take me to PAX and stuff but they won't. anyways thanks for your time ~ChillJester
  3. Thanks for the details wish it wasn't 2012 is it early or late?
  4. DAM the game looks 100% i don't know what they could possibly be working on oh well behemoth if you read this please answer us WHAT IS TAKING SO LONG YOUR HOLDING BACK THE EPICOSITY
  5. Battle Block Theater WILL be a phenomenon and i need to know a few things? 1) why was it delayed 2) how will the customization work and finally 3) I need and estimate of when it will be released i hope its before 2011 because i cant wait any longer I have been waiting since 2009! I hope Dan or Tom reads this i admire them so much! thanks and one more thing can someone make me an avatar of the "Serial killer running" thanks luv behemoth so much keep up the work ;P
  6. Hi i really want the commoner from castle crashers please and thankyou