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  1. TilVl

    Gold Skull Count

    I only have one, but have a bunch of characters ready. Solo-ing is hella hard.
  2. TilVl

    character of choice

    My 99 Green Knight.
  3. TilVl

    Castle Crashers for 3DS

    Honestly I wouldn't care if it was 3d or 2d just if we had a castle crashers on DS. Would be freaking amazing. they should consider it, Nintendo does have the E-Shop Channel. If they made a cartridge be even better, I Pay $50 for it.
  4. TilVl

    Castle Crashers for 3DS

    Really should make a portable version. Castle Crashers on the go would be awesome.
  5. Bought them, but bought the Ps3 version as well. So really have grinded them out. I got most my characters 99 but only got 1 gold skull. So it'll be a while I just recently got excited about the game again with the new DLC.
  6. TilVl

    A much better community

    They never bothered me. Well to be honest I bought the game first day released and played the hell out of it. Not sure when the 256 glitchers came about. Only thing that is annoying I started playing recently due to DLC and most of my characters are level 99(Not all), thanks to that awesome catfish/bat so people are like "Oh they glitched reset you". But what ever never honestly played/seen the 256 level people.