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  1. Banned unless someone coughs this up.
  2. It seems the most logical. Well, at first, I thought it was just a glitch, now that I think about, the way it happened, it could be the effect of streaming for a while I guess.
  3. So, today I was streaming Castle Crashers Remastered, and a glitch was triggered. I don't why, or how, it just happened. (Sorry if this is really long.) The stream was going well. A friend and I were streaming a re-do, where we started from scratch. It was running smoothly. I don't remember the time it happened, but I remember. At Pipistrello's Cave (The Fat Bat boss, correct me if i'm wrong.) He got swarmed by the bats, and he said the boss was dead. Funny this is, it was alive for me. So things got wierder, it felt as if were seperated into two dimensions, one parallel to each other. We were at the part where you catapult into the castle, and he was saying I didn't catapult, but I did. The cutscene was waiting for him to go, so I had to direct him from another screen. Later on, I died. On his screen, I didn't. It got worse. We could both die on my screen, but he could still be alive on his. Remember, this was online. When he moved, while he was fighting, he moved the map. So I tested to see how bad this was. I was indeed correct. I could enter the Alien Ship while he still was at the Wedding Crash. So, to both our screens, we were hitting nothing. So yeah, it was like we were in 2 different realms. If you want to, try to watch this on my twitch. I'll be uploading the full stream on my YouTube later today.
  4. I don't know what that is, can you give me a name? Is it Danganronpa 3? (Better not be spoilers) It is Danganronpa 3. This picture is justed a 250 x 250 screenshot that I took on the 1st episode about 1 minute into it.
  5. Anything that does with "the current picture". (DR3 aired recently.)
  6. Delta Airlines - Your best airlines for transportation.
  7. The holy 2012 meme would be the issue. I know Behemoth wouldn't use a meme such as world annilation before Christmas. *Panicks and gets gas mask.*
  8. Banned for generalizing. Baka.
  9. Bump. The Fallout 4 Mods came out, and overloaded the server. I applaude you, Bethesda.
  10. I saw Danganronpa 2 at my GameStop. If I don't get a Vita, i'll just buy the port on Steam. Also, I realized something..... Danganronpa 2 End Spoiler
  11. I know this is a bump and I'm sorry. About Kiznaiver, I honestly think the stort so far tells a story based on character development. Like with . It goes to show that even the type of people who have social problems, embarassment, secret love, lying to yourself, and acting like a "super cool leader", everyone has something they hide. The way the show is able to express what it would be like to share the pain everyones having, everyone is able connect with each other to fix each others problems. That last sentence made it sound like Social Links in Persona.....
  12. I swear, I bet those animatronics have an "A.I." or something. Danganronpa 2 Spoiler
  13. I was taking a break. Having to wait for Fallout 4 console mods really wrecked me. At least it's out on May 31st, woo! (Was busy watching/playing Persona 3 and Persona 4, too.)
  14. 55 It's a common reaction as Hajime Hinata when you see Nagito Komaeda go crazy. Fangirls go crazy for him too. I found it on Google Images, searched up Nagito Komaeda gif, and that showed up first. It originated from a Tumblr page.
  15. 52 Boom. (looks down) Oh no.
  16. Buy it. I did, it was worth it. ------------ Right now, playing Fallout 4. I can't wait until console mods.
  17. Banned for not editing your forum post.