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  1. Banned for vague reasoning.
  2. Banned for banning with no reason.
  3. Banned for the similarities.
  4. Banned for not realized that on PC, anything is possible and that is obviously a glitch. I mean anything. Look in the Steam game common files, and on ther games, config files, then you will understand values. In which, you change currency values, unlocks, etc. Like Modio and Horizon for Xbox 360, it has custom modding tools for BBT, Castle Crashers, and other games. On Modio, you can change the level unlocks, finale unlocks, etc. Then for other games, Modio can be used to download game saves and change the profile and console ID to yours specifically, so you can use modded saves. For Horizon, you can unlock achivements, edit profiles, etc. My point is, it wasn't hacking, the only "hack" is invincibility, and that's not even a hack, it's just a glitch to troll people. So, if it's not able to be sucessfully glitched on 360 or Backwards Compatible, let's call it a PC glitch. Ok?
  5. Banned for not explaining what's going on.
  6. Beta = summer or winter 2016 release. I hope so. Probably 2017. Maybe 2018. ಥ_ಥ
  7. 30 bottle of beer on the wall, take one down, pass it around, -->29<-- bottles of beer on the wall. Does the video show up? I'm on mobile so yeah.
  8. Some people here still haven't played Danganronpa, so this is sorta spoiler territory. But thanks for the wallpaper anyways. It's sad that I just realized that, so I won't talk anymore about Danganronpa just incase of accidental spoilers.
  9. Well, even though that may be true, I still want to see how it ends. Same for Akame (it's still running though) but Akame ga Kill had it's own ending which people frowned upon for it, but I still enjoyed the anime for what it did. for NGNL, i'm waiting for another season, I'm rading at the point where the anime hasn't caught up to, which is, the introduction to the Dhampirs and Sirens. The game that was played was pretty intresting too. Also about SAO, people have mixed ideas about it because the way the story went. I am going to watch the movie next year, but I do have high hopes for the Alizication Arc (Spelt right?) That takes place in a new dive technology, called the Soul Translator. The last thing is Tokyo Ghoul, season 3 is coming hopefully, and I don't want to see Kaneki end there. I think the manga Tokyo Ghoul :re may have an good start, but it's confusing. I read into it, but still was confused. If I'm correct, there may be a few year time skip, i'm not sure. Double Post, mistake.
  10. This wallpaper is a memoir for the upcoming Danganronpa. Use it if you want.
  11. B a n n e d f o r t a k i n g s e n p a i . “ψ(⊙∇⊙)ψ
  12. Why the heck not. This is an older one so yeah. I don't feel like doing a present picture because i'm paler than a white wall.
  13. Banned because your FONT isn't blue x2. [>ಠ_ಠ>](ಥ_ಥ)[<ಠ_ಠ<]
  14. I think this goes to show how stupid people are on YouTube. Here is a link to the article.
  15. Banned for making Sans rad.
  16. Banned for not understanding the complexity of Tumblr.
  17. Banned for being almost 3/4 away from 100 posts.
  18. No Game No Life, great taste my friend. That was my uber secret series before the anime aired that not very many people heard about. But to me easily has the most appealing art I've ever seen for a light novel. Also I think it might be my favorite title to a series I've ever heard of.NGNL has been on my radar for quite a while now, I'll have to give that one a look next. I really like the art I've seen for it.Also superBRADY I'm interested to hear what you think of the Deadman Wonderland manga. I tried watching the show and didn't like it too much but I've heard pretty good things about the manga. I don't usually read manga but I might make an exception if it's truly better than the show. Also, nice collection! It's pretty good. The art is well done, and it looks pretty good. The story was explained way better too. I am going to collect the whole series because the anime ending was So I have to get 9 more. Then Akame ga Kill, Dimension W, and the rest of NGNL, which is around the release of english vol. 5, while Japan is around vol. 8. I think Deadman Wonderland's manga is finished in english now.
  19. Banned for waiting 22 hours and 19 minutes to respond.
  20. Banned for not being as quiet as this person.