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  1. Banned for not using a meme.
  2. Banned because you didn't give up.
  3. Banned for calling me a weeb.
  4. Banned if you don't know No Game No Life. Season 2 better come, even if the show was just used to boost the sales of the manga.
  5. Banned for welcoming me back. (Glad to be back though.)
  6. Banned for not realizing a Dimension W reference.
  7. Banned for not realizing the true power of the Genesis Coil.
  8. Banned for being the 16,875th post.
  9. I honestly would give up my energy to watch it. Even though it starts at midnight, I like what they put on. Toonami has gotten better since their shutdown and reboot. The shows they put out are great, and the content they produce are pretty good. Overall, I think it's worth staying up for. How do you think of Toonami?
  10. I have evidence. (If this offends EgererYew2251, i'll take it down.) ( ̄ω ̄ )
  11. Banned for not giving me that golden hat.
  12. Banned for noticing I didn't add Doritos, and for telling me this on the forums instead of taking off your cardboard box and ringing my doorbell then explaining this very important and urgent situation.
  13. Banned for not being able to get on my level.
  14. I am really bothered for you bumping the post.
  15. Banned for having Maka in your signature.
  16. The Behemoth is doing good at keeping Battleblock fun. Everyone still has a chance to get the star heads, sadly I don't see people that have all of them anymore (I play once in a while) I have all the heads and silver + gold trophy, but it's rare to see people who take the game seriously anymore. It's probably because the game is mostly filled with 9 year olds. My opinion.
  17. EDIT: Late on posts Banned because you don't necro-bump.
  18. Banned for being an old chicken.
  19. Even though I appear once every often, I was glad to find this forum. The Behemoth is a great team and the community is great. I just have a feeling that this forum is on a time limit. I'm pretty sure when Pit People comes out, the forums will probably have people come back. Alot.
  20. Banned for not Breaking the #1 rule of the OP.
  21. Banned for not being in Europe
  22. banned for getting that fact wrong.
  23. (2nd bump today, wow.) Not just that. Hollywood is making 16 more FNAF movies with all the critics being fanboys and fangirls, a food chain is coming for FNAF for the characters, 37 more books, a special game console to play all the new FNAFS that haven't been mentioned before! Including, remakes of FNAF World until everyone likes it, FNAF: Bonnie's Missing Face, Five Night's in Chica's Oven, and 1,200 more fangames, special FNAF animations to make you throw up that pizza, and 1,987 fan fictions written by 13 year old girls! If this happened YouTube's server would explode with kids. Thank god it died out. *bored and checks* *throws keyboard* Yes. There is a new picture. (Mind is snapping like Yuno losing Yuki)
  24. Here is one of those video where you want to laugh, but you know it's dangerous. Like Sam Pepper. Also, read the top comment. Also, does the video show up? I'm on mobile, so the video player doesn't show up.