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  1. banned for being near the ocean.
  2. Hi. This is a thread where we turn Battleblock Theater prisoners, Castle Crashers characters, aliens and FBI agents into Major League Gamers. I would recommend using a Photo Editor other than Microsoft Paint. Here is my submission.
  3. Yeah. That could be a possiblity. That lizard could have a different magic technique for magic, like a tounge grapple. The real question is, how many people would I be in a lobby with people picking the character and saying "HISSSSSSSSSSS" all the time?
  4. Bump. Yeah. If you remember me getting my account hijacked and someone maxing my stats in 2014, I thought that for One, I could just put it over there. So I transfered the save and deleted all the characters data except for one. So the all the others I could play straight through without feeling like a cheater (The guy who hi-jacked me is finally done with xbox, but now people are sending me over 30 friend requests for items on Terraria, thank god that's over) I plan to get rid of my non-legit data one day, and edit replay the whole game from scratch, but I get frustrated, because I flip if I lose data. So yeah.
  5. banned for banning someone that could of banned another person.
  6. 2 Months Later...... It's Confirmed. Some are saying it's after Mother's Rosario Arc We'll get more details Also Tokyo Ghoul :re Anime Season, yay.
  7. banned for posting an hour later
  8. banned for having Soul Eater's characters faces on repeat a gif SHUSH I'M TRYING TO FINISH TOKYO GHOUL.
  9. PewDiePie is becoming the worst of them all (my opinion) why does my mouse keep turning off....
  10. Granted, but using the wheelchair will make you feel weaker every day until you fall a sleep forever. I wish Pit People came out next Tuesday.
  11. Here is my opinion: fnaf 1:easy and 30% scary fnaf 2: rage game and 40% scary fnaf 3:easy 10% scary fnaf 4:hard 80% scary
  12. awesome page
  13. Destiny Movie The Main Guardian:Mark Wahlberg The Ghost:Morgan Freeman That Stranger Exo Girl that Gives you a awesome rifle at the the end of the game: Scarlett Johansson and so on
  14. banned for saying you didn't ban anyone
  15. lock please, I have it and I don't have malware.
  16. I found a website where you can have custom cursors: [REMOVED] When you download one, go to control panel, mouse, pointers and browse. Find the cursor and change it! Have Fun!